Medical Journal of Malaysia



Medical Association of South East Asian Nations(MASEAN)
S W Lim

Original Articles & Case Reports

Low attendance of preschool children in government clinics in a rural community
Joginder Singh

Habits and attitudes of Malaysian military doctors towards smoking
V Supramaniam

A community based study on the epidemiology of hypertension in Selangor
N Kandiah, Rampal Lekhraj, S Paranjothy, Ajeet Kaur Gill

Migraine: Epidemiological aspects of 17 Malaysian patients
C S Kam

An inquiry into the state of food, nutrition and health in plantations
N Chandrasekharan, T Marimuthu

Ethnic distribution of patients with SLE seen in University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur 1967-1976
A O Frank

Rural health care: Malaysian physicians' opinions about traditional Malay medicine and hospital assistants - A pilot study
H K Heggenhougen

Syphilis in the military population
V Supramaniam

Studies on the biology of anopheles letifer Sandosham (diphtera, culicidae) and its response to residual spraying, carried out in Sarawak, Malaysia
E S Thevasagayam, Liaw Choon Fah

Primary liver cancer in Malaysian children
D Sinniah, E Sumithran, H P Lin, L L Chan, C K Toh

Characteristics of first schizophrenic admissions to the General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur
NeiI Buhrich, Syed Haq

Remedial education in specific reading retardation
Tan Chee Khuan, K K Malhotra, Woon Tal Hwang

Depressant action of averrhoa carambola
Colin K Muir, Chan Kit Lam

A battered wife
T H Woon, Shirley George

Psychological medicine in the under-graduate medical education
M Parameshvara Deva

Myocardial infarct imaging using 99m technetium pyrophosphate and 99m technetium methylene diphosphonate: A Clinical evaluation
M Paramsothy, K T Singham

Is chest X-ray screening for pulmonary tuberculosis by mass radiography - A cost-effective tool in a military population
V Supramaniam

Reproduction research and health: Part II Fertility Health
T A Sinnathuray

Acute appendicitis and the leucocyte count
K J Singh

Recurrent aphthous stomatitis
K Rammatban, Ng Kok Han, P I Chelvanayagam