Medical Journal of Malaysia


Guest Editorial

Breast feeding and hospital practices
S T Chen

Original Articles & Case Reports

The prevalence of childhood malnutrition: Its measurement, what it means and its uses
Y H Chong

A comparison of morbidity patterns in Peninsular Malaysia, 1959 and 1974
John Arokiasamy, Paul C Y Chen

Patient health education - An experiment
Naranjan Singh

A case report of acupuncture anaesthesia in amputation of the knee
P T L Wong

Malay psychiatric patients and traditional healers (bomohs)
O H Yeoh

Tolerance of daily single compared to spaced doses of Merital
Syed M Haq, Neil Buhrich

Diagnosis and management of brain death
Mohamed Namazie

Case observation on the common peroneal nerve injury
Kyaw Myint

Psoriasis in hospital population
B A Adam

Pseudornyxoma peritonei - A case report
C C Ho

Aberrancies of Human T- and B- lymphocyte populations in peripheral blood
Gan Seng Chiew, Yeoh Chee Weng

Ultrasound - A New imaging technique
Ahmad Kamal b Md Alif

Adrenoceptor study of guinea-pig superior mesentericportal vein
C K Muir, Y M Lim

Comparison of fazadinium and sueamethonium for endotracheal intubation in Malaysian patients
Mohamed Namazie; Sylvian Das

First isolates of chloramphenicol resistant S typhi in Malaysia
M Jegathesan; S Y Khor

Anopheles Donaldi: Some recollections and speculations
J A Reid

Acute gastroenteritis in Malaysian children: Aetiological and therapeutic considerations
N Iyngkaran, Zainal Abidin, S K Lam, S D Puthucheary

Preliminary survey of Aedes Aegypti in Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia
T M Ho, I Vythilingam

An outbreak of rubella among Malaysian Air Force recruits, 1979
V Supramaniam, Dora S K Tan

Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis - A case report
C T Tan, N C Gong, W C Ting

Experiments with banana trunk juice as a neuromuscular blocker
Lee Siew Kheong, Ng Lik Lin, Lee Siew Inn

Letter to Editor

Attendance at an outpatient department of a district hospital
Tan Heng Soon

Book Reviews

Physician and Nurse Migration
The Future of Health Services in Malaysia

Paul C Y Chen, T K Tanahashi