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Ethic in Medical Practice
G A Sreebevasan

Original Articles & Case Reports

Survey of enterobiasis in children admitted to the University Hospital in Kuala Lumpur
S P Kan, D Sinniah

The occurrence of enteric bacteria on lettuce leaves sold in local markets in Penang, Malaysia
S J Chapman

Annual and geographical distribution of Shigella serotypes in Sabah, Malaysia from 1974 to 1978
K P Kan, Mechiel K C Chan

Field trials on the management of scabies in Jengka Triangle, Pahang
Ajeet Kaur Gill, N Kandiah

Attitudes of 110 married men towards family planning
John T Arokiasamy

Outbreak of mushroom poisoning among Malaysian soldiers in Perak, March 1980
V Supramaniam, R Mohanadas

Intestinal nematode infections and efficacy study of oxantel-pyrantel pamoate among plantation workers
Mohd Zahedi, Pakeer Oothuman, N N Sabapathy, Nordin Abu Bakar

Urinary calculi in Limbang District
Lau Liak Koi, Ong Ah Tuan

Cardiac arrhythmias and echocardiographic features in Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
W H Ng, S T Kew

Cardiovascular and metabolic responses to isometric exercise of athletes and non-athletes
Mohd Hamim b Rajikin

The external ear - the electrical aspects in relation to acupuncture a preliminary report
L S Ong, T Harmiadji, K L Chong

Retained intraocular foreign bodies and visual prognosis
Tan Pooi Liew

Common peroneal nerve palsy due to postero-Iateral displacement of fractured lateral tibial plateau
Kyaw Myint, Q M Iqbal, R Kanagasuntheram

Lethal neonatal dwarfism: A case of achondrogenesis
Masood K Afzal, Choo Keng Ee

The use of cefotaxime in serious and problem surgical infections
M Balasegaram, M R Devanand, Balwant Slagh

Pathologic effects of some therapeutic agents on oral mucosa
V Cugadasan

An inpatient study of psychiatric illnesses in later life
Vanaja Nair

A curriculum in medical ethics and medical humanities
S D Puthucheary

Letter to the Editor

John Wong

Book Reviews

Essential Malariology by L J Bruce-Chwatt
A A Sandosham

WHO Expert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations
Veneral Diseaes

Paul C Y Chen