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Endemic Goitre: A preventable and yet highly prevalent disease in Sarawak
Paul C Y Chen

Original Articles & Case Reports

Transmission of infection among household contacts of Cholera Patients in the 1978 Outbreak in Perak
Can Chong Ying

An Enterovirus Type 70 Epidemic of Acute Conjunctivitis in Peninsular Malaysia 1980
Dora S K Tan, W S Lee

Entomological Aspects of Endemic Dengue Fever in Sarawak - 1973·1980
M S Chang, P Rubis, N Jute, T W Lim

Temporomandibular Pain Dysfunction Syndrome - An analysis of fifty patients
Hashim B Yaacob, Ling Booi Cie

Acne Vulgaris in a Family Practitioner's Clinic
Goh Chin Siew

Fusarium Solani Keratitis: First Report from Malaysia
Hardeep Singh, Faridah Jamal, Mohd Noor Marahakim, Chin Chew Song

Laparoscopic Sterilization with Fallope Rings - A Malaysian Experience
Asari Abdul Rahman, T A Sinnathuray, V Sivanesaratnam, K H Ng

Ultrasound Diagnosis of Liver and Biliary Tract Lesions
Ahmad Kamal Bin Md Alif

Intravenous Urogram in Acute Renal Failure
Aida Rohana Bt Md Ghazali, Abu Bakar Suleiman, Ahmad Ramal Md Alif, A Thillakanu

The Applicability of Cary Blair Medium as a Sole Transport Medium for the Recovery of Entero pathogens in the Malaysian Context
M Jegathesan, T Paramasivam

Effect of Vasoactive Agents on Chronic Saline Loaded Anaesthetised Rats
E K Gan, June S K Tan

Characterisation of Alpha-adrenoceptors of Rat Superior Mesenteric-Portal Vein
C K Muir, Shahary Alias

Depressant Action of an Extract of Vernonia Cinerea
C K Muir

Book Reviews

International Histological Classification of Tumours, No. 21
International Histological Classification of Tumours, No. 22
WHO Expert Committee on Diabetes Mellitus, Second Report

A Ngan


Dato Dr T Sachithanandan
Dr John W. Field