Medical Journal of Malaysia



Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Peninsular Malaysia
T H Woon

Original Articles & Case Reports

The 1978 cholera outbreak in Krian district
H Yadav

Malaria in Malaysian soldiers, 1980
V Supramaniam

Incidence of urinary stones in the various states of mainland Malaysia
G Sreenevasan

Weights and blood pressures of women who attend family planning clinics in Sarawak
G R Wadsworth

Uterine perforation by the intra-uterine device
S Raman, V Sivanesaratnam, T A Sinnathuray

Serum prolactine levels at different stages of menstrual cycles and during a 24-hour period in Malay women
Mohd Hamim Rajikin, Ramli Abdullah, Hamid Arshat

Chemotherapy for ovarian cancer
A Adlan, D K Sen, V Sivanesaratnam

Infant health care practices - A study in three communities
Prabha Joginder Singh, Chew Guat Ee, Rebecca John

A community child and adolescent guidance clinic in Malaysia
W Krahl, S L Quek, N Raman

Anaplastic squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth - A report on 100 consecutive cases
K Ramanathan, Ng Kok Han, Jayanthi Ramanathan, Peace Indrani Chelvanayagam

Glossodynia and glossopyrosis - A discussion of the aetiology and management
Hashim b Yaacob, Ling Booi Cie

Nadolol (Cogard) in severe and resistant hypertension
M A Sidek Nontak

Syndromes of ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and areflexia - A case report
C T Tan

Career choices of Malaysian medical students
M Parameshvara Deva

Book Reviews

Hutchison's Clinical Methods
Glossary on Air Pollution
Vaccination Certificate Requirements for International Travel: Situation as on 1 January 1981 and Health Advice to Travellers
X-Rays in Singapore 1896-1975