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The Disabled Person
Mahmood Merican

Original Articles & Case Reports

Pattern of Urethritis in males in a Kuala Lumpur STD (Sexually transmitted diseases) Clinic
Lim V K E, Bakar R A

Single-dose oral ampicillin in the treatment of gonococcal urethritis in males
Ridzwan Bakar, V K E Lim

Infective endocarditis of the aortic valve - Demonstration of valvular vegetations by M-rnode and crosssectional echocardiography
W H Ng

The use of several markers of hepatitis B infection to monitor risks of infection in a haemodialysis unit and in laboratories
Ton S H, Lopez C G

A preliminary report on the relationship between serum anti-thrombin III concentration in pre-and post-operative patients and in women on oral contraceptives
Ton S H, Lopez C G, Lyou Y T, Thiruselvam A

Suggestion of an active transport of iron to the fetus in human pregnancy and its dependence on maternal serum iron levels
Jaffar Ali, Khalid Hassan, Hamid Arshat

Blood glucose control and diabetic microangiopathy
Cheah Jin Seng

Nerve compression due to an abnormal muscle
Kyaw Myint

Congenital atlanto-axial dislocation
C T Tan, T G Loh, P Balasubramaniam

Oral verrucous carcinoma in Peninsular Malaysia
K Ramanathan, Peace Indrani Chelvanayagam, T Jeyam Ganesan

Oral lichen planus - A study of fifty-four cases
Hashim B Yaacob

Oral submucous fibrosis - An alternative hypothesis as to its causes
K Ramanathan

Benign migratory glossitis - A cause for worry?
Hashim B Yaacob

Inadvertent posterior lower segment caesarean section in a sacculated uterus
Choong Kuo Hsiang, V Sivanesaratnam, T A Sinnathuray

Tubal ectopic pregnancy
N Sivalingam

Child care patterns and preferences in urban Peninsular Malaysia
M Parameshvara Deva, Kumara Deva

The general practitioner - How much psychiatric education?
Deva Dass

Use of video-tapes in psychological medicine
M Parameshvara Deva

Book Reviews

National Decision-making for Primary Health Care
On being in Charge: A guide for middle level management in primary health care
Intersectoral Coordination and Health in Environmental Management: An Examination of National Experience