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Priority in Special Care Nurseries in Malaysia
K L Lam

Original Articles & Case Reports

Bladder Tumours - A Review of 150 Patients at the Institute of Urology and Nephrology General Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Zakriya Mahamooth, Hussain Awang

Ecological Basis of Malnutrition Among the Muruts of Sabah
Paul C Y Chen

Serum IGM·Globulin in Malaysian Normal and Defective Infants
Dora S K Tan

Transferable Antibiotic Resistance in Clinical Isolates of Enterobacteriaceae in Malaysia
Khor S Y, Jegathesan M

An Assessment of Stuart's Transport Medium in the Diagnosis of Gonorrhoea
C H Lee, Y F Ngeow

The Occurrence of Enterotoxigenic Strains of Staphylococcus Aureus in Foods
Y S Lim, M Jegathesan, A S Koay, S H Kang

Toxic Jaundice from Occupational Exposure to Chloroform
W H Phoon, K T Goh, L T Lee, K T Tan, S F Kwok

Indiopathic Cystic Medionecrosis and Aneurysms of the Ascending Aorta
M Anuar, K T Singham

Althesin Therapy - An Adjunct for Intracranial Pressure Control Regimes? - A Preliminary Report
A E Delilkan, M Namazie

Primary Excision and Immediate Reconstruction for Advanced Cancer of the Cheek
M N Sudhakar Krishnan, N Janakarajah

Diagnosis of Thanatophoric Dwarfism in Utero
Masood Afzal, Joginder Singh, Ong Sing Kwee

Psychiatric Consultation in a Secondary School in Kuala Lumpur
Loke Kwok Hien, Woon Tai Hwang

Hypertensive encephalopathy in Eclampsia - A Case Report
S Raman, S P Rachagan

The Efficacy of Xylocaine Topical Anaesthetic in Reducing Injection Pain
Hashim B Yaacob, Ghazali M Nor, Sri N Malek, Mohd Ali b Mahfuz

Two Cases of Phobic Neurosis Treated Successfully by Behaviour Therapy
K H Loke, M A Rashid

Systemic Scleroderma with Complete Heart Block
M Anuar, K T Singham

Left Atrial Myxoma: Two Dimensional Echocardiographic Diagnosis
K T Singham, M Anuar

Amoebiasis with Multiple Colonic Perforations and Ruptured Liver Abscess - A Case Report
Mohd Noor Manukaran, Haron Ahmad, Ismail Abdullah

Treatment of Tetanus Neonatorum in a Rural Setting
Yong Yoon Foh

Prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy in the University Hospital Diabetic Population
Teoh Guan Hoe, Yow Choi Sin, Ngan A, Anuar Zaini


Social deprivation index in urban Malaysia by Bailah Leigh, Hermoine Looel, Khairuddin Yusof
Treatment of hiccough by acupuncture - a report of two cases by Stephen K A Wong
A psychiatric rating scale for schizophrenia in Singapore by Teo Seng Hock, Tsoi Wing Foo

Book Reviews

International Histological Classification of Tumours: No, 2
International Histological Classification of Tumours, No. 24
International Histological Classification of Tumours, No. 23
Neuronal aging & its implications in human neurological pathology.
WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization
Renal medicine
International Histological Classification of Tumours No 1 Histological Typing of Lung Tumours
International Classification of Tumours, No. 25: Histological typing of kidney tumours
The International Pharmacopoeia, volume 2