Medical Journal of Malaysia



Life-styles and Health-related Behaviour
Paul C Y Chen

Original Articles

Population 70 Million: A Consideration of Health Aspects
Siti Norazah Zulkifli, Khairuddin Yusof

Growth Charts based on Longitudinal Study of Malaysian Children from Birth to Six Years
S T Chen

Head Circumference of Malaysian School Children
S T Chen

Immunization: Acceptance Rates in a Military Community (first 2 pages missing)
V Supramaniam

405 Cases of Bronchial Brushing Cytology: An Evaluation
Ricky Moo Yoon Ngen, Izham Cheong, Osman Yahaya

Complications of Peritoneal Dialysis: A Review of 226 Dialysis Episodes in 100 Consecutive Patients Treated with Peritoneal Dialysis
K S Fan, Abu Bakar Suleiman

Pectoralis Major Myocutaneous Flap in Head and Neck Surgery
Imran Gurbachan, A C Gomez, Nazim Noor

Ameloblastoma: A Still Controversial Tumour
Rosnah bte Zain, N. Janakarajah

Urodynamic Evaluation of Lower Urinary Tract Function in the Neurogenic Bladder
Zakriya Mahamooth, Tassim Mahamooth, Alias Omar

Case Reports

Management of Massive Haemoptysis by Percutaneous Trans-arterial Embolisation: A Case Report
Nigel Couper, M. Ashoka Menon

True Ankylosis of Temporomandibular Joint: A Case Report
K C Ling

Ocular Relapse in a Patient with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Case Report
Cheong Soon Keng, Tan Pooi Liew

"Miotic-induced Retinal Detachment": A Case Report
Mohinder Singh

Anterior Leprotic Retinitis of Trantas: A Case Report
Mohinder Singh

Letters to Editor

Use Steroids Sparingly Especially in Children
Ng Leong Fook

The Use of r Value
Hematram Yadav, N. Y. Boo

Book Review

Breast-feeding, Fertility and Contraception
S T Chen