Medical Journal of Malaysia



Medical Education and Standards
V Thuraisingham

Original Articles

Genetic Diseases and Antenatal Diagnosis
Wong Hock Boon

Child Health in Malaysia: 1870 - 1985
Paul C Y Chen

Innovations in Child Health Care in Asia
Paul C Y Chen

The Nutritional Status of Iban Preschool Children, Sarawak
Yap Sim Bee

The Influence of Fibrinogen and other Plasma Proteins on the ESR and Plasma Viscosity
Roshidah Ishak, Khalid Hassan

In-vitro Activity of Aminoglycosides, Ureidopenicillins and Cephalosporins against P. aeruginosa Isolated in Kuala Lumpur
Y S Ngeow, S. D. Puthucheary, P S Lai

The Effect of Long-Term Deworming on the Prevalence of Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis in Malaysia
S P Kan

Reasons for Visiting a Hospital-based General Medical Clinic
Tan Heng Soon

An Outbreak of Dermatitis among Stevodores
W H Phoon, H S Lee, S F Ho, S J Nui

The Spectrum of Liver Disease in Penang: A Clinical and Histological Study
I N Ross, P K Dass

Spinal Analgesia and Headache at the Penang General Hospital
K Inbasegaram, Yong Boon Hun

Chronic Haemodialysis
Abu Bakar bin Suleiman, Zaki Morad, Mohd Amir Kamaluddin, Kong C T, Hussein Awang, Roslan Arshad, Proehoeman F, Khairullah Abdullah, Zakriyah Mahamooth

A Study on the Prevalence of Endemic Goitre in an Inland Iban Community, Sarawak
Yap Sim Bee

Case Reports

Psychoses Associated with Thyrotoxicosis: A Retrospective Study of 20 Cases
Tan Chee Khuan

Giant Carvenous Hemangioma of the Anterior Chest Wall in a Neonate
Nem-Yun Boo, A. Zulkiflee Laidin

Gaucher's Disease Type lA: A Case Report
Gerard V Nunis

Successful Management of a Patient with Stab Injury to the Heart: A Case Report
Michael Cheong Yoke Leong, Fong Kwok Leong