Medical Journal of Malaysia



Nutrition scene in Malaysia
Y H Chong

Original Articles

A pilot school health survey to study the incidence of common disorders in primary school children and the role of teachers in the school health service
Uma Deavi Ayyamani

Dialysis encephalopathy in Kuala Lumpur
Abu Bakar Suleirnan, Sabri M Rejab, Khoo H E

Renal papillary necrosis in Ipoh
M Segasothy, A Thvaparan. S Sivalingam, A Kamal, R Vijava Kumar

Antibiotic susceptibility of community-acquired Staphylococcus Aureus
Tan Heng Soon, Ngeow Yun Fong, Farida Jamal

Treatment of vaginal candidiasis using a three-day course of tioconazole: a preliminary report
S P Rachagan, V Sivanesaratnam

Eye injuries with retained intraocular foreign material
Mohinder Singh

Postural behaviour of intraocular pressure
Mohinder Singh, Sylvia Chin Suet Heong

Case Reports

Congenital diaphraqmatic hernia - the classical type: a case report
V Venkateswaran

Tension pneumatocoele complicating severe cavitating pneumonia in an infant: a case report
Ng Leong Fook, Saw Huat Seong


Criteria for confirming typhoid fever
lan Ross, Thomas Abraham

Stab wound in heart observed in 1961
Karpal Singh

Paediatric Supplement

Development of supplementary food at the home and community levels
Aree Valyasevi, Sakorn Dhanamitta

Recent developments in breastfeeding
Deffick B Jelliffe

Programmes to promote breastfeeding
E F Patrice Jelliffe

Effects of environment on the growth of children
Siew Tin Chen

Adequacy of lactation: dysreflexia versus maternal nutrition
Derrick B Jelliffe

Child health strategies in primary health care
Derrick B Jelliffe

Breastfeeding and the prevention of malnutrition
E F Patrice Jelliffe

Child health delivery in Asia
Paul C Y Chen