Medical Journal of Malaysia



For One Crowded Hour of Glorious Life
Abdul Hamid Abdul Kadir

Original Articles

Brain Death: Rapid Evaluation Using Computerised Radionucleide Cerebral Flow Study
M Paramsothy, Gracie S Y Ong, B H Wong, T G Loh, A E Delilkan

Pulmonary Valve Echocardiogram in the Evaluation of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in the Presence of Intracardiac Shunts
Fong Chee Yee, K T Singham

Supracondylar-condylar Fractures of the Femur
Teh Peng Hooi, S Krishnamoorthy

Hyaline Cells in Salivary Gland Tumours
K H Ng, C H Siar

Mass Anxiety Attack in a Primary School
Woon Tai Hwang

Dental Status of the Penans along the Melinau and Terawan Rivers, Baram, Sarawak
Chen Jean Ai

Case Reports

Left Atrial Myxoma: Three Case Reports
Tai Yih Siew, Robaayah Zambahari

Marfan or Marfanoid: A Case Study
Tai Yih Siew

Acute Appendicitis in Infants: A Case Report
H K Goon

Surgery Supplement: College of Surgeons of Malaysia

A Romance with Urology in Malaysia: Tenth Ismail Oration, 4 June 1983
G A Sreenevasan

Urological Service at the General Hospital, Kuala Terengganu
R Ragupathy Naidu

Management of Voiding Disorders in Adult and Paediatric Patients
Zakriya Mahamooth

Amputation in Hand Surgery
P C Leung

Correction of Claw Fingers in Leprosy by the Brand Four-Tailed Tendon Graft Operation
Abdul Hamid Abdul Kadir

Diagnostic and Operative Arthroscopy of the Knee: Report of 51 Consecutive Arthroscopies
Thambira] J Rajaram

Infantile Coxa Vara
K S Dhillon

Fractured Penis: Two Case Reports
Senasi Annamalai