Medical Journal of Malaysia



Progressing toward a modern health care system
G A Sreenevasan

Original Articles

Near patient testing in clinical pathology: Benefits and implications
S L Ch'ng

Prospective study of acute renal failure in a general hospital
Abu Bakar Suleiman, Zaki Morad, Syama Prasad

Burns in the Malaysian population: two years of burns admissions at the General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur
Ali Noor Ghani, Sharaf Ibrahim

Surgical intensive care: A University Hospital experience
R P Jalleh, A Mukherjee, M M S Krishnan

Susceptibility of 57 strains of PS. Pseudomallei to some new B-Lactams and other antibiotics
S D Puthucheary, N Parasakthi

Current trends in the surgical management of coronary artery disease
Saw Huat Seong

Infective endocarditis amongst intravenous drug abusers: A Malaysian experience
R Jayamalar, N Parasakthi, S D Puthucheary

Intracranial haemorrhage due to late haemorrhagic disease of infancy
Yeo Ting Chuan

Clinical statistics of the adenomatoid odontogenic tumour in Malaysia (1968 - 1986)
Ng Kok Han, Siar Chong Huat, P Murugasu

Mechanism of cholesterol gallstone formation
Mohd Azman Abu Bakar

Prevalence and distribution of intestinal and blood parasites among Ibans in the Nanga Atoi in the second division in Sarawak
Neo C B, Cheah Y K, Chin P W, Tan T V, Wong N C, Yap L M, Kan S P

Leiomyoma of the caecum presenting as peritonitis
Peter Mack, Raj Mohan Nambiar

Cerebrospinal fluid lactic acid concentration in bacterial meningitis
Sabiha Pit, Farida Jamal, llina Isahak, AIi Azman Minhaj

Phialophora Richardsiae isolated from a cutaneous lesion
M Suppiah, C S Chin, K C Keah

Proximal migration of the Hakim's valve into a porencephalic cyst
Chee Pin Chee

Case Reports

Coronary artery disease presenting with exercise induced complete heart block: A case report
Koh Chan Sing

Experience with primary myelodysplastic syndromes in a university haematology unit: Report of five cases
S K Cheong, 0 Ainoon

Congenital ossicular abnormality: A case report
V K Khanijow, W K Phang, A I G Kerr

Exorcism and psychiatric illness: Two case reports
T Maniam

Cowper's glands and ducts in urethrography
Wilfred C G Peh, T K Khoo

Oro-antral fistulae
Lian Chin Boon

Books Review

The hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Report of a WHO study group

WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization