Medical Journal of Malaysia



Towards better scientific writing
N Chandrasekharan

Original Articles

Vignette method for psychiatric case detection in a rural community
C B Khare, S Upadhyaya, Kamaruzaman Wan Su

Aids to diagnosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Prasad Umapati, Rampal Lekhraj, Joginder Singh, Pathmanathan Rajadurai, Sam Choon Kook

Radiation exposure during fixation of femoral trochanteric fractures
Jagjit S Sidhu, Taiman Kadni

Coronary risk factors among Malaysian male executives in two urban areas
P H Teo, Y H Chong, M Zaini bin Abdul Rahman

Quantitating proteinuria using the urinary protein creatinine index
Norella Kong C T, Aishah Abu Bakar, Chin J H, Izham Cheong I K S

Major congenital anomalies in livebirths in Alor Setar General Hospital during a three-year period
Goh Peng Peng, Yeo Ting Chuan

Foreign bodies in the larynx and tracheo-bronchial tree
C H Yip, T J Wong, K Somasundaram

The role of tranexamic acid (Cyklokapron) in the treatment of traumatic hyphaema
K Sukumaran

The prevalence of endemic goitre among penans of the baram
Paul C Y Chen, S B Yap

Hepatitis B in jaundiced neonates admitted to a special care nursery
Boo Nem-Yun, Ilina Isahak

Twice daily Cimetidine in the initial treatment of chronic gastric ulcer: a double-blind placebo-controlled trial
H H Tay, I Yap, R Guan, P S S Koh, S J LaBrooy, J Y Kang

Case Reports

Psychiatric aspects of the acquired immunedeficiency syndrome - A Case Report
T Maniam, Abd Kadir B Abu Bakar

Clinically definite multiple sclerosis in a young Malay female - A Case Report
E Muthusamy, C T Tan

Marked junctional bradycardia, prolonged QT interval and torsade de pointes in acute phenothiazine intoxication in a schizophrenic patient - A Case Report
David K L Quek, Samuel B L Ong, Patricia Y M Chan

Malignant conjunctival melanoma - A Case Report
R Kandiah, K Sukumaran, S Chandran, P Jayalakshmi


Coronary Heart Disease Prevention
British Cardiac Society Working Group on Coronary Disease Prevention

Diet and Cancer - New findings
Dairy Council Digest 1986, National Dairy Council, London

Letter to the Editor

Captain's Bag vs Physician's Kit
Siew Yong Gnanalingam

Book Review

Road Accident Statistics by Dr. T. P. Hutchinson
N Chandrasekharan