Medical Journal of Malaysia



Medical manpower needs by the year 2000
P H Yeoh

Original Articles

Pattern of lupus nephritis in Malaysia
Betty Norella Kong C T, I K S Cheong, S M Chong, A B Suleiman, Z Morad, I Lajin, M Segasothy

Primary hyperparathyroidism - A clinical study
K L Goh, F Wang

Endoscopy in upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage
R P Jalleh, K L Goh, N W Wong

Major Lower Limb Amputations
Abdul Hamid Abdul Kadir, Myint Han

Influence of maternal factors and sex of newborn on birthweight
H Yadav

Chronic dacryocystitis - A review of 50 cases in the University Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Fathilah Jaais, S Chandran

Prevalens kecacatan penglihatan di Kuala Selangor
Osman Ali, Rampal K G

Case Reports

Common variable immunodeficiency (hypogammaglobulinemia) with an autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance
M N Lokman, R George, S Sukumaran, B A Nasuruddin

A Case of Erythropoietic Protoporphyria
S L Ch'ng, H B Gangaram, S H Hussein, K Rajagopalan

A freak accidental injury to the spinal cord
K B H Koh, R Vaikunthan, S Sengupta

Torulopsis glubruta in vaginitis
C S Chin, Y M Cheong

Acute pulmonary oedema during intravenous urography
Abdul Samad Sakijan, Sulaiman Tamanang

Failed intubation in a case of oculoauriculovertebral dysplasia (Goldenhar's syndrome)
K Mohandas, S Selvarajah

Acute upper airways obstruction and pulmonary oedema - Case reports
K Inbasegaran, B H Yong, Chua Kok Seng

Cutaneous larva migrans - Report of three probable cases
K Hanjeet, C K Ow Yang, J W Mak

An Update

Aspirin and vascular disease - an update
Quarterly Review, National Dairy Council Nutrition Services, London

Letter to the Editor

Critique of article: 'Prevalence and distribution of intestinal and blood parasites among Ibans in the Nanga Atoi in the Second Division of Sarawak'
Stalin Hardin, Andrew Kiyu, Chang Moh Seng