Medical Journal of Malaysia



Towards safe motherhood in Malaysia
V Sivanesaratnam

Original Articles

Epidemiological features of hepatitis B virus infection in Malaysians
I N Ross, P K Dass, A S Thavarasah, S S Noor

Hepatitis B infection in multitransfused thalassaemics
E George, A M Yasmin, G Duraisamy

Lung Cancer: A review of 589 Malaysian patients
Prathap Gopal, Kuppusamy Iyawoo, Hooi Lai Ngoh, V Parameswary

The spectrum of rheumatic diseases seen at the Rheumatology Clinic, University Kebangsaan Malaysia
G L Chin, A B Shukor

Cardiac catheterisation and coronary angiography in a private hospital setting: The first 24 months at Subang Jaya Medical Centre
Fong Chee Yee, Anuar Masduki, Othman Hitam

Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy as an initial investigation in dyspepsia - A Malaysian experience
M V Kudva, Thein-Htut

Malnutrition among Semai children
Khor Geok Lin

Hereditary ovalocytosis in Malays
E George, N Mohandas, G Duraisamy, N Adeeb, Z A Zainuddin, M S Teng, R Vimala

Ultrasonographic findings of liver abscess
Abdul Samad Sakijan

Case Reports

Ultrasound in the diagnosis of splenic abscess - Case Report
S Sivalingam

Procidentia - Surgical management
Soon Lean Ee

The olivopontocerebellar atrophies Report of 4 cases
A Razif A Razak, R C Pratap, A K Gururaj

Diet and cancer
National Dairy Council Nutrition Service, London

Books Review

Clinical Decision Levels for Lab Tests, 2nd Edition, 1987 by B.E. Statland
Geetha Arumainayagam

Davey and Lightbodys 'The Control of Disease in the Tropics' 5th edition, revised by David Stevenson, H.K. Lewis & Co. London, 1987
N Chandrasekharan