Medical Journal of Malaysia



Prevention and control of injuries arising from road traffic accidents in Malaysia
N Subramanian

Original Articles

Management of heatstroke in Malaysian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia
Mohd Ismail Merican

Pattern of neonatal septicemia in a Malaysian Maternity Hospital
N Y Boo, Y H Wong, Victor K E Lim

5-Fluorocytosine resistance in clinical isolates of cryptococcus neoformans
CS Chin, Y H Wang, Y M Cheong

Long term lithium therapy in Malaysia
David K L Quek, Leong Yew Pung

Bronchiolitis obliterans in children - A report of six cases
Azizi Omar, Akashab Manan

Cigarette smoking and the risk of myocardial infarction, and acute non-infarct coronary events among Malaysian women
David K L Quek, L Y Lim, Samuel B L Ong

Hyperthyroid graves disease - A 5 year retrospective study
Tan Tean Tune, Ng Mee Lian, Wu Loa Ling, Khalid B A K

A study on perennial rhinitis in Kelantan
S Elango, G N Purohit, S C Gan, Zahara Manap, Hilmi Razak

Discriminant value of dyspeptic symptoms in peptic ulcer and non-ulcer dyspepsia
M V Kudva, Mazlam Zawawi, Najib Rafee, Omar Ismail

Case Reports

Anterior sacral meningocele
D Samuel, M Puvaneswary

Phenylketonuria in a six year old Malay boy - A case report
S Kamaneedi, K E Chao, WA Ariffin, M Norimi

Recurrent cystitis due to retained Jacques catheter - A case report
N K S Tharmaseelan

Homozygous haemoglobin E in association with hereditary ovalocytosis
E George, M V Kudva

First observation of haemoglobin Malay ∝2 B2 26 (Bl) Asn → Ser - A case report
E George, T H J Huisman, K G Yang, F Kutlar, J B Wilson, A Kutlar, T A Storming, J M Gonzales - Redondo, Faridah K, Khalid B A K

Haemangioma-thrombocytopenia syndrome - A case report
CK Liam, Regina Nuruddin

Letter to the Editor

Standardisation of the widal test
Y M Cheong