Medical Journal of Malaysia



New Directions in Gynaecologic Oncology
V Sivanesratnam

Original Articles

Carcinoma of Thyroid - Clinical Presentation and Outcome
K Sothy, M Mafauzy, W B W Mohamad, B E Mustaffa

Socioeconomic, Social Behaviour and Dietary Patterns among Malaysian Aborigines and Rural Native Malays
A Osman, S Zarina, B A K Khalid

Asthma and Climatic Conditions - Experience from Kuantan, Malaysia
T O Lim, H W Looi, H Kazim, Marzida

Non-Ionising Radiation Exposure Causing Ill Health and Alopecia Areata
I A Rahman, N Mokhtar

Descriptive Analysis of Total Medical Admissions and Common Medical Disorders in 1987 in Kuantan General Hospital, Using Computerised In-Patient's Discharge Records
T O Lim, H W Looi, H Kazim, Marzidah

Occupational Health of Sawmills in Sarawak
C C Tan, C K Cheu, S Hardin

The Development of Malay Speech Audiometry
S Z M Maisarah, S Husain

Spinal Tuberculosis: A Five-Year Review of Cases at the National Tuberculosis Centre
R D Jalleh, I Kuppusamy, A M Aziah

A Microbiological Study of Genital Ulcers in Kuala Lumpur
S Zainah, M Sinniah, Y M Cheong, A T Gan, K Akbal

Ascaris in the Common Bile Duct: Diagnosis by Ultrasound and Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) and Extraction by Balloon Catheter
M. Mahadevan, S. A. Samad

Case Reports

Congenital Leukaemia - A Case Report
K T Lee

Combined Pregnancy - A Case Report
K Suresh, A Kulenthran

Perforating Invasive Mole Masquerading as an Ovarian Tumour - A Case Report
R Chandran, K Y Tham, I Rose

Facial Nerve Palsy by Nasal Tumour - A Case Report
K K Vijay

Nonmenstrual Toxic Shock Syndrome: A Case Report
M Ramanathan, T L Teng

Hyperthyroidism Following Hypothyroidism - A Case Report
B H Kang

Gift Triplets and management problems - A Case Report
K K Wong, C T Lim


The Spectrum of Histologically Diagnosed Malignant Neoplasms in Sabah, 1983 – 1988
ML Wastie