Medical Journal of Malaysia



Current Status of Medical Biotechnology in Malaysia
J W Mak, BA K Khalid

Review Article

Management of Variceal Haemorrhage
M I Merican

Original Articles

A Supersensitive In-House Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for Measurement of Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and its Clinical Applications
K H Goh, M L Ng, E T T Thean, B A K Khalid

Spirometry and Flow-Volume in Malay Adults
Y Ismail, Y Zurkumain

Treatment of Bleeding Gastroesophageal Varices: A Report of Forty-Four Cases
S K S Tay, Y P Leong, F A Meah, T Abdullah, A R Zain

The Role of Prophylactic Antibiotics in Caesarean Section - A Randomised Trial
N K Ng, N Sivalingam

Propofol and Methohexitone for Elective Caesarean – A Comparatlve Study
A F Miranda, Y Kyi, N Sivalingam

Routine Coagulation Tests Incases of Missed Abortion- Is it Really Necessary?
R Chandran, N Adeeb

Once Daily Felodipine Monotherapy in Mild to Moderate Hypertension
S P Kon, H W Tan, C T Chua et al

Carcinoma of the Larynx in Malaysia
A Sani, H Said, S Lokman

A One Year Community-Based Study on the Incidence of Diarrhoea and Rot a Virus Infection in Urban and Suburban Malaysian Children
K L Yap, A M Yasmin, Y H Wong et al

Case Reports

Chlamydia Pneumonae Respiratory Infection in a Child – A Case Report
L Lum, Y F Ngeow

A Case Of Empyema Thoracis Caused by Actinomycosis
L N Hooi, B S Na, K S Sin

Large Bowel Cancer in a Young Adult Presenting as an Acute Intussusception - A Case Report
A Y Jasmi, A R Zain, A R Hayati

The Use of Interventional Radiology in Ruptured Solitary Kidneys
C C M Lei, A Khairullah, A Zulfiqar, A S Samad

The Surgical Treatment of Multiple Small Bowel Strictures in Crohn's Disease by Combined Resection and Stricturoplasty
C K Kum, E K W Sim, S S Ngoi, P Goh, R Sinniah

Schistosoma Haematobium Infection in Malaysia - A Case Report
L C Hung, K C Shekar

Letter to Editor

Imported Cases of Chloramphenicol Resistant Salmonella Typhi
Y M Cheong, M Jegathesan

Book Review

Power and Dependence - Social Audit on the Safety of Medicines by Charles Medawar: Bath Press. 1992, 283 pp
E K Gan