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Cholera - Still a Maior Health Problem

Review Articles

Haemopoietic Growth Factors - From Discovery to Clinical Application
CG Begley

Cytokines in Infection
T Pang

Blood Cholesterol Screening: Influence of Fasting State, Biological Variation and the Single Cholesterol Assay on Total Cholesterol Level

Original Articles

Acute Appendicitis: The University Hospital Experience
HY Lee, P Jayalakshmi, SH Syed Noori

A Review of Acute Appendicitis Seen in the Taiping District Hospital from July to December 1990
KG Lim, MW Chua, Y Fazidah, MY Khaliiah, ZA Sofiah, B Hashami

Gas-Containing Liver Abscesses: Assessment by Ultrasound (US) and Computed Tomography (CT)
SA Samad, MA Zulfiqar, A Maimunah

Hydatidiform Mole and Postevacuation Regression Patterns of Serum Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin
K Kamariah, N Satgunasingam, NMI Nasri, KY Ng

Detection of Gene Deletions by PCR Analysis in a Malaysian Patient with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
MK Lee, V Manonmani, K Arohata

Profile of Extracranial Cerebrovascular Disease in Kelantan: A Study by Continuous Wave Doppler Ultrasonography
RC Pratap, M Mafauzy

Response of Ovary in Young Women Experiencing Laparoscopy Under General Anaesthesia
A Loganath, WP Chow, KL Peh, PCT Chew, R Gunasegarom, SS Ratnam

The Prevalence of Endemic Goitre in Kelantan, Malaysia
M Mafauzy, WB Wan Mohamad, MY Yasmin Anum, M Musalmah, BE Mustafa

Comparison of the Efficacy of Single and Multiple Regimens of Carbimazole in the Treatment of Thyrotoxicosis
M Mafauzy, WB Wan Mohamad, MK Zahary, BE Mustafa

Ukuran Antropometri Fisikal Kanak-Kanak Melayu Mewah Ditaman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
A Osman, A Suhardi, BAK Khalid

Case Reports

Painful Thyroiditis in Postpartum Period
SO Sakinah, NA Sharifah, K Yusoff

Skin Cancer Caused by Chronic Arsenical Poisoning: A Report of Three Cases
R Jaafar, I Omar, AJ Jidon, BWK Wan-Khamizar, BMA Siti-Aishah, SH Sharifah-Noor-Akmal

Letter to Editor

AIDS Presenting as Unresolved Pneumonia in a 9 Year Old Boy

Tetracycline Resistant Vibrio Cholerae El Tor
H Hassan, A Teh