Medical Journal of Malaysia



Accidental Poisoning: Selected Aspects of its Epidemiology and Prevention
John T Arokiasamy

Original Articles

The Role of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection in Congenital Diseases in Malaysia
V Balasubramaniam, M Sinniah, D S K Tan, G Redzwan, S G Lo'man

Concurrence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen and Antibody in Acute and Chronic Hepatitis B Cases
K P Ng, T L Saw

Penang Cancer Cases Reported to the National Cancer Registry of Malaysia, 1987-1990: An Epidemiological Analysis
C K Chant, J Singh, B K Rasid, T Devara

Circumstances Surrounding Accidental Poisoning in Children
B H O Azizi, H I Zulkifli, M S Kassim

Progression of Myopia in Different Ethnic Groups in Malaysia
P T Yeow

Spread of Spinal Anaesthesia With 0.5% Bupivacaine: Influence of the Vertebral Interspace And Speed of Injection
K W Chin, N M Chin, M K Chin

Smoking among University Students: A Comparative Study between Malaysian Students In Malaysia And Australia
B Hashami, O Abdul Halim, K Yusoff

Phenylephrine Eye Drops in Ophthalmic Surgery - A Clinical Study on Cardiovascular Effects
K W Chin, N M Law, M K Chin

Low Birth Weight Incidence in Lundu, Sarawak
H Yadav

Case Reports

Migrating Foreign Body - An Unusual Presentation
G Krishnan

Scrotal Abscess: An Unsual Complication Of Perforated Appendix
M O Shahrudin

Simultaneous Electrocardiography and Doppler Echocardiography in Pulsus Alternans
Y Khalid

Dopa Responsive Dystonia with Diurnal Fluctuation (Segawa's Syndrome)
L C Ong, S F Tang, T R Moti Lal

Primary Lymphangiomyomatosis with Chylous Ascites
I Abdul-Rahman, S K S Tay, F E Meah, T Abdullah

Severe and Fatal Postoperative Bronchospasm in a Child with A Pulmonary Artery Sling
M Z Norzila, BHO Azizi, A Mazeni, S Ahmad, P Devadass, S Lokman

Spontaneous Intra-Partum Rupture of Uterine Vein - An Uncommon Cause of Intra-Abdominal Haemorrhage
P Kuppuvelumani, S P Rachagan, M S Khin

Beri-Beri in Immigrant Workers - A Report of Three Cases
O Jeyakumar

Superselective Mesenteric Arterial Branch Cannulation for Intraoperative Identification of Bleeding Intestinal Mucosal Lesions
M Mahadeven, S A Samad, KS Leong

Letter to Editor

Tetracycline Resistant Vibrio Cholerae in Pilgrims Returning from Mecca
P P Ng, M Taha