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Antibiotic Resistance

Original Articles

Antimicrobial Resistance in 6 Malaysian General Hospitals
YM Cheong, VKE Lim, M Jegathesan, AB Suleiman

An Outbreak of BCG Related Lymphadenitis in Malaysian Infants
LN Hooi, SO Athiyah

Immunogenicity of a Plasma-Derived Hepatitis B Vaccine in Children and Adults
M Sinniah, M Halimah, T Krishnamurthy, MS Lye, CH Choo, I Shamsiah

Febrile Seizures in Malaysian Children: Epidemiology and Clinical Features
CT Deng, HI Zulkifli, BHO Azizi

The Return of Fertility after Discontinuation of Oral Contraception in Malaysian Women
J Hassan, A Kulenthran, YS Thum

The Role of Maternal Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein, Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin and Oestriol in the Antenatal Screening of Down's Syndrome
TC Chang, HH Cheng

Racial Differences in the Fasting Lipid Profile of Healthy Malaysians
S Zaraihan, AB Azman, AR Tariq

How Good are Doctors as Drug Prescribers?
ARA Rahman, AR Noor, Y Hassan

Drinking Habits of Malaysians in General Practice
T Maniam

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: A Review with a Study of Eight Cases
AS Malik, ZAM Hussin, SR Shriwas, ZM Kasim

First Year's Experience with an Acute Pain Service - University Hospital Kuala Lumpur
R Vijayan, AE Delilkan

Case Reports

Herpes Gestationis: One of the Rare Skin Lesions in Pregnancy
K Naganathan, SAR Doi, H Jamiyah

Intrapulmonary Bronchogenic Cyst Presenting with Haemoptysis
CK Liam

Identification from Dental Characteristics
N Phrabhakaran

Ocular Involvement in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
AKK Tan, A Azman, TS Hoe, T Rohana

Acute Renal Failure in Falciparum Malaria
M Segasothy, M Swaminathan, NCT Kong

Unilateral Superior Ophthalmic Vein Thrombosis in a User of Oral Contraceptives
F Jaais, ZA Habib

Unusual Faecal Elements in a Human Diarrhoeal Stool
B Sinniah, AR Sheikh Omar, CC Lee, J Surin, K Subramaniam

Disseminated Geotrichum Infection
KP Ng, TS Soo-Hoo, MT Koh, PW Kwan

Letter to Editor

Bacterial Contamination of a Closed Enteral Feeding System: Difference Between Laboratory Evaluation and Clinical Experience
YF Ngeow, L Chan, AH Yasmin, GSY Ong

Fertility Drugs and Rapid Growth of Leiomyomata
SP Rachagan

Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection in Malaysia
J Ho