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Rheumatic Heart Disease : How Big is the Problem?
A Ibrahim, ARA Rahman

Original Articles

Pattern of Acute Rheumatic Fever in a Local Teaching Hospital
A Omar

Early Congenital Syphilis - A Continuing Problem in Malayisa
CT Lim, MT Koh, V Sivanesaratnam

Comparison of Three Different Methods in the Assessment of Neutrophil Function
RM Noah, MR Jais, LM Noh

Rice Starch Low Sodium Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) in Infantile Diarrhoea
N Iyngkaran, M Yadav

Splenorrhaphy : Omental Pouch
TR Lazim, M Sal/eh, AS Abu Bakar

Infant Feeding Practices and Attitudes of Mothers in Kelantan Towards Breastfeeding
YAM Yusof, M Mazlan, N Ibrahim, NM Jusoh

Anti-Lymphocyte Globulin Therapy in Aplastic Anaemia - A University Hospital Experience
KW Leong, A Teh, JJ Bosco, S Jayaranee, U Sadat

Clinical Practice

Management of Patients before, During and After Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
SY Chuah

Case Reports

Acquired Haemophilia - A Therapeutic Challenge
A Teh, KW Leong, JJ Bosco, PL Koong, S Jayaranee

Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Non-Accidental Injury; Problems in Diagnosis and Management
MS Kasim, I Cheah, H Sameon

"Koro"-Llke Syndrome Affecting the Tongue
CN Chin, KH S'ng

Laboratory Acquired Murine Typhus
A Norazah, A Mazlah, YM Cheong, AG Mohamed

Pontine Myelinolysis Following Correction of Hyponatraemia
CS Loo, TO Lim, KS Fan, Z Murad, AB Suleiman

Clonorchiasis/Opisthorchiasis in Malaysians - Case Reports and Review
K Chandra Shekhar, AR Nazarina, SH Lee, R Pathmanathan

Moyamoya Disease in Malaysia: Two Documented Cases
WK Ng, CT Tan, J George, MK Lee, TG Loh

Retroperitoneal Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma with Renal Involvement
PH Sim, AHA Razack, R Pathmanathan, RP Jalleh

Baby Walker Associated Scalding Injuries Seen at UHKL
IH Sendut, KK Tan, F Rivara

Letter to Editor

Coronary Heart Disease Mortality n Peninsular Malaysia
MY Safiah, BM Margetts

Epidural Blood Patch for Post Dural Puncture Headache
R Vijayan, L Chan

Hereditary Angioedema : Report of a Family In Malaysia
KW Leong, JJ Bosco

How Parents in a Rural Area of Pekan District, Pahang Perceive Immunisation
NM Amal

Leech, Wire and Urethra
T Aung, CCM Lei

Book Review

Tuberculosis - Back to the Future
LN Hooi