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Helicobacter Pylori Infection in Malaysia
MZ Mazlam

Original Articles

14C-Urea Breath Test: A Useful Non-Invasive Test in the Diagnosis of Hellcobacter Pylori Infection
KL Goh, N Parasakthi, SC Peh, KK Ong

An Initial Assessment of the Risk Approach to Antenatal Management in Malaysia
B Somboonsook, J Wakerman, CT Hattch, M Collison, A Bames, W Kyi, R Karim

Childhood Burns at the Paediatric Institute Kuala Lumpur
SB Ibrahim, MB Omar, EC Gan, A Rauf, NB Johari, HB Yusof

Relationship between Presenting Features and Outcome of Primary Childhood Meningitis
AC Tee, SP Puthucheary, H Fatimah

Mastoiditis in Kelantan
S Elango, T Than

The Incidence of Post-Operative Wound Infection in Orthopaedic Surgery
KS Dhillon, CS Kok

Incidence of Back Pain After Lumbar Epidural Anaesthesia for Non-Obstetric Surgery - A Preliminary Report
ST Chan

A Retrospective Study of Serum Calcium Levels in a Hospital Population in Malaysia
AB Aishah, YN Foo

Adult Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Without the Option of Splenectomy
N Jackson, M Mustapha, M Baba

The Prevalence of Goitre in Remote Inland Versus Coastal Areas
A Osman, MI Zaleha, R Letchumen, BAK Khalid

The Relationship between Prevalence of Asthma and Environmental Factors in Rural Households
I Noorhassim, KG Rampal, JH Hashim

The Breast Clinic in University Hospital - A Four-Month Survey
CH Yip, SF Alhady G Jayaram

The Effect of Pravastatin in Patients with Primary Hyperlipidaemia
M Mafauzy N Mokhtar, WB Wan Mohamad, M Musalmah

Case Reports

Warfarin - Topical Salicylate Interactions: Case Reports
M Ramanathan

Symptomatic Prostatic Calculi - A Rare Complication after Turp

Chilaiditi's Syndrome Presenting as Acute Abdomen
AN Hisham, A Gunn, AA Jamil

Letter to Editor

Biliary Ascariasis - A Letter to the Editor
IL Shuaib, FZ Hayat

Post Mortem Caesarian Section
J Ravindran

Low Birth Weight Babies
H Yadav