Medical Journal of Malaysia



Disinfection and the Control of Nosocomial Infection

Original Articles

Bacterial Contamination of Hospital Disinfectants
KC Keah, M Jegathesan, SC Tan, SH Chan, OM Chee, YM Cheong, AB Suleiman

HIV Infection in Malaysia: A Report of Cases Seen at the University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur
R Ismail, S Doi, N Naganathna

The Prevalence oF Anti-HCV Antibody in Risk Groups and Blood Donors
KP Ng, TL Saw, NWD Wong, KL Goh, SY Chuah, M Nagaratnam

A Hospital Based Audit of Tuberculosis Deaths
LN Hooi, KY Goh

Hookworm Infection and Reinfection Following Treatment Among Orang Asli Children
M Norhayati, P Oothuman, MS Fatmah, Y Muzain, B Zainuddin

The HIV-Associated Risk Behaviour among Male Drug Abusers in Malaysia
G Juita, A Osman

Relationship of Stress, Experienced by Rescue Workers in the Highland Towers Condominium Collapse to Probable Risk Factors - A Preliminary Report
KI Saroja, K Kasmini, S Muhamad, G Zulkifli

Results of 50 Consecutive Aneurysmectomies for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms at a Private Specialist Centre
YP Leong, A Sappany

Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery for Pneumothorax
YM Lee, YC Lim, CK Liam, M Aljafri

Endoscopic Pneumatic Balloon Dilatation For Achalasia of the Cardia
PH Ding

A Preliminary Study of Possible Prognostic Factors of Traumatic Liver Injury Seen at University Hospital, 1984-1991
PH Sim, AHA Razack, RP Jalleh

Insertion of Hickman Catheters by the Percutaneous Technique
A Teh, KW Leong

Risk Profile of Pregnant Mothers in Kelantan
A Zulkifli, J Rogayah, MH Hashim, O Shukri, H Azmi

Recurrent Headaches in Children - An Analysis of 47 Cases
IHMI Hussain

Comparison of Two Bolus Doses of Esmolol for Attenuation of Haemodynamic Response to Tracheal Intubation
S Sharma, AA Ghani, N Win, M Ahmad

Upper Eyelid and Eyebrow Dimensions in Malays
AS Dharap, SC Reddy

Nutrient Intake and Socio-Economic Status Among Children Attending a Health Exhibition in Malaysian Rural Villages
M Norhayati, MI Noor, P Oothuman, MS Fatmah, B Zainudin, A Fatimah

Survey of Availability of Iodine-Enriched Salt in Sarawak
AM Taha, T Zainab, O Lau, P Yeo

A Study of Unclaimed Prescriptions in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM)
WS Kamaruzaman

Continuous Spinal Anaesthesia - Early Experience in University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur
R Vijayan, L Chant R Raveenthiran

Case Reports

Acute Gonococcal Sacro-Illitis - A Case Report
RG Deshmukh

Knee Arthrodesis with Interlocking Nail after Excision of Giant Cell Tumour of the Distal Femur
C Yeow, CH Chin, PH Ong

Claw Toes Correction and FACTOR XIII Deficiency - A Case Report
RG Deshmukh, J Bosco

Non-Fatal Strangulation: An Uncommon Parachute-Related Accident
M Iwin, MAH Abdullah

Autosomal Dominant Thrombocytopenia with Microthrombocytes : A Family Study
N Jaekson, S Mohammad, N Zainal, N Jamaluddin, M Hishamuddin

Letter to Editor

Recombinant Factor VII

Chylothorax 2° to Tuberculosis
RK Menon, M Aziah, I Kuppusamy