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Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy - Facts and Misconceptions
S Raman, P Damodaran

Original Articles

Practice Patterns of Some Gynaecologists in Malaysia with Regards to Prophylactic Oophorectomy and Hormone Replacement Therapy
J Ravindran, CH Leow

Outcome of Vaginal Hysterectomy for the Undescended and Enlarged Uterus - A Preliminary Report
TGK Teoh

Anaesthetic Management of Conjoined Twins: Experience with Six Sets of Twins
AM Norsidah, SK Um, I Ibtisan, K Misiran

Differences in Public and Private Health Services in a Rural District Of Malaysia
SM Aljunid, AB Zwi

Mortality in Malaysians with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
NU Paton, I Cheong, NCT Kong, M Segasothy

Management of Gastroschisis in a Peripheral Hospital Setting
RR Naidu, FH Lee, KH Teh

Risk Factors for Retinopathy in Diabetes Mellltus in Kelantan, Malaysia
SR Shriwas, AB Rahman, SC Reddy M Mohammad, WBW Mohammad, M Mazlan

Acceptability of Epidural Analgesia for Pain Relief During Labour among Kelantanese Women
S Sharma, NAN hlohamad, O Monga, S Achana

The Role of Ductography in Patients with Nipple Discharge
MA Zulfiqar, S Nair, M Lily MA Norizan, SA Samad

Parental Reactions to Febrile Seizures in Malaysian Children
CT Deng, HI Zulkifli, BHO Azizi

Outcome of 80 Cases of External Cephalic Version
TGK Teoh

Prevalence of Giardiasis among Malaysian Primary School Children
KC Shekhar, S Prathapa, K Gurpreet

Case Reports

Extra Pelvic Endometriosis and Catamenial Pneumothorax
SP Rachagan, S Zawiah, A Menon

The First Frozen Embryo Donation Pregnancy for Hypergonadotrophic Hypogonadism in Singapore - Hormonal Profile and Obstetric Outcome
CLK Chan, J Kumar, ML Ong, SC Ng, TA Bongso, SS Ratnam

Co-Existing Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy and Appendicitis - A Case Report
P Chia, A Jeyarajah

Supernumerary Chromosomes in Mosaic Turner Syndrome
MK Thong, V Manonmani, IS Norlasiah

Letter to Editor

Topical Chloramphenicol/Gentamicin in The Empirical Treatment of Acute Conjunctivitis - Is it Rational?
A Subramania, SC Reddy

The Effectiveness of Permethrin-Impregnated Bed Nets for Malaria Control in Kg. Ganoh, an Orang Asli Area of Rompin District, Pahang, Malaysia
NM Amal, S Yussof

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