Medical Journal of Malaysia



Malaysia's Ageing Issues
J T Arokiasamy

Global Theme Issues

Geriatric Practice in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges
P J H Poi

The Elderly in Malaysia: Demographic Trends
H A Karim

Ophthalmic Problems among the Elderly in Malaysia
P Singh

Surgical Problems among the Elderly in Malaysia
K G Lim

Psychiatric Problems among the Elderly in Malaysia
S Krishnaswamy

Orthopaedic Problems in the Elderly
A K A Hamid

Social Problems and Care of the Elderly
J T Arokiasamy

Original Articles

A Comparative Study of First and Third Year Student Nurses' Knowledge and Attitudes on the Elderly and Ageing
Y C Wan, P H J Poi

Active Resuscitation in Malaysia District Hospitals - Is it Adequate?
S C Chan

Acute Renal Failure Requiring Dialysis - A 5 Year Series
L S Hooi

Job Satisfaction of Doctors in Negeri Sembilan
S Sararaks, R Jamaluddin

A Comparison of Antiemetic Efficacy of Droperidol Alone and in Combination with Metoclopramide in Day Surgery Anaesthesia
C C Loo

Day Surgery: A Post Operative Audit
K P Ng

A Comparative Study on Family, Social Supports and Mental Health of Rural And Urban Malay Women
A R Mubarak

Post Meningitic Sensori-Neural Hearing Loss in Children - Alterations in Hearing Level
S W Yeat, S Z M Mukari, H Said, R Motilal

Case Reports

Conjoined Twins in a Triplet Pregnancy
A Baskaran

Peritoneal Trophoblastic Implant
S P Rachagan

Letter to Editor

Pregnancies after Microinjection of Human Spermatozoa into Human Oocytes
S P Rachagan, C K Fong, H Hamzah, S Zaliha, T S Tan, J Yow, S Junk

Differences in Public and Private Health Services in a Rural District of Malaysia
H W J Hee

Continuing Medical Education

Typhoid Fever: Present and Future
I Merican