Medical Journal of Malaysia



Audit, Ethics and the Scientific Process
J Ravindran

Clinical Audit: Essential Input for Enhancing Standards of Care
Y Khalid

Original Articles

Specialty Choices of Male and Female Doctors in Malaysia
A Zulkifli, J Rogayah

A 2 Year Audit of Perioperative Mortality in Malaysian Hospitals
K Inbasegaran, P Kandasami, N Sivalingam

Linking Death Reports from the Malaysian Family Life Survey-2 with Birth and Death Certificates
K Shamsuddin, E Lieberman

Exposure to Sputum Positive Cases of Tuberculosis in a Government Hospital
D Jeyakumar

Blood Transfusion Reactions in Malaysian Newborn Infants
N Y Boo, B H Chan

A Double Blind Comparison of Zuclopenthixol Acetate with Haloperidol in the Management of Acutely Disturbed Schizophrenics
C N Chin, A R A Hamid, G Philip, T Ramlee, M Mahmud, G Zulkifli, C C Loh, M S M Zakariah, M S Norhamidah, Y Suraya, K A K Roslan, P Chandramohan, Y C Cheah, A O Leonard

A 3 Year Audit of Infected Pseudoneurysms in Intravenous Drug Users Managed Surgically in the Vascular Unit, Hospital Kuala Lumpur
A A Zainal, A W Yusha

The Effectiveness of Surfactant Replacement Therapy for Preterm Infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome
W L Lim, C T Lim, J K Chye

An Application of the Backcalculation Method to Estimate Past HIV Infection Rates in Malaysia
H C Ong, S H Quah, H C Low

Reliability, Validity and Discrimination Ability of Spitzers QL Index in Dialysis Patients
T O Lim, Z Morad

Some Risks Factors of Ascaris and Trichuris Infection in Malaysian Aborigine (Orang Asli) Children
M Norhayati, P Oothuman, M S Fatmah

Efficacy Of Albendazole in the Treatment of Trichuris and Giardia Duodenalis Infection in Rural Malaysian Communities
M Norhayati, M Penggabean, P Oothuman, M S Fathmah

Percutaneous Central Venous Catheterisation in Critically Ill Children: Femoral or Sublavian?
A Y T Goh, L C S Lum, P W K Chan, M Roziah

Parotid Swellings: Report of 109 Consecutive Cases
A R Arshad

Profile of Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Referred to the Vascular Unit, Hospital Kuala Lumpur
A A Zainal, A W Yusha

Pressure Ulcers-Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing Hydrocolloid and Saline Gauze Dressings
K W Chang, S Alsagoff, K T Ong, P H Sim

Case Reports

Hypercalcaemic Crisis as the Presenting Manifestation of Abdominal Tuberculosis: A Case Report
M Ramanathan, A 0 G Abdullah, T Sivadas

Progressive Septal and Palatal Perforation Secondary to Intranasal Cocaine Abuse
B S Gendeh, B J Ferguson, J T Johnson, S Kapadia

Central Serous Choroidopathy in Pregnancy
M Normalina, D Alias, M Zainol

Fatal Early - Onset Neonatal Sepsis Due to Streptococcus Pneumonia
R Nallusamy

Lower Lip Numbness Due to Peri Radicular Dental Infection
W C Ngeow

Short Communication

Survey On Health Status Of Heavy Vehicle Drivers In Klang Valley
P Krishnan, N Hashim, R Usha, J K Lung

Book Review

Clinics In Diagnostic Imaging
B J J Abdullah

Continuing Medical Education

Managing the Solitary Thyroid Nodule
F A Meah, M A Qureshi