Medical Journal of Malaysia



Safety with Anaesthesia - The Paradigm of Continuous Improvement
Patrick S K Tan

Original Articles

Anaesthesia Incident Monitoring Study in Hospital Kuala Lumpur - the Second Report
Y C Choy, C Y Lee, K Inbasegaran

Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Elderly Malaysians
P Srinivas, Y C Chia, P J H Poi, S Ebrahim

Pre-Admission Management of Acute Gastroenteritis in Children: Too Much or Too Little?
W S Lee, S P Lee, C C M Boey

Prevalence of Latex Hypersensitivity Among Health Care Workers in Malaysia
M Shahnaz, M R Azizah, H Hasma, K L Mok, E Yip, T Ganesapillai, H Suraiya, B A Nasuruddin

Uvulo-Palatoglossal Junctional Ulcers - An Early Clinical Sign of Exanthem Subitum Due to Human Herpesvirus 6
K B Chua, S K Lam, A B Sazaly, S T Lim, M Paranjothy

Patients' Knowledge and Attitude Towards Treatment and Control of Hypertension : A Nation-wide Telephone Survey Conducted in Malaysia
K L Khoo, Y M Liew, H Tan, J S Sambhi, B A Hatijah

Outpatient Procedures for Cervical Dysplasia: A 3 Year Review of Laser Vaporisation and Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP)
K E Lee, C F Koh, W F Watt

Nosocomial Bacterial Sepsis in Babies Weighing 1000-1499g in Kelantan
D Halder, M E Haque, M H Zabidi, A Kamaruzzaman

The Association of Uvulo-Palatoglossal Junctional Ulcers with Exanthem Subitum: A 10 Year Paediatric Outpatient Study
K B Chua

Assessing the Status of Intrauterine Insemination Before Forming a Medically Assisted Conception Unit
M H Omar, F B Ong, N N Adeeb, J M Sharif, N Nasri, M J Yassin

Compliance with Monitoring Standards for Anaesthesia in Malaysian Hospitals
T H Khoo, M S Cardosa, K Inbasegaran

Profile of Patients Seen at a Psychosexual Clinic in a Gynaecological Teaching Hospital - The Singapore Experience
C T Yeong, V Atputharajah

Parents' Awareness and Knowledge of the Special Needs of Their Hearing-Impaired Child
S Z Mukari, S Vandort, K Ahmad, L Saim, A S Mohamed

Intestinal Helminth Infections Amongst School Children in the Serian District of Sarawak
D L Lee,S Lee, M S Chang, A J Paon, J T Katip

Multicentre Study of Preoxygenation Practices by Anaesthesia Providers
A K H Wong, S Sushila, H Thomas, J M G Tong

Case Reports

Chronic HCV Histology is Predictable from HCV RNA and lgM anti HCV Results
S Sachithanandan, J F Fielding

Solitary Focal Coronary Artery Aneurysm in a Middle Aged Male with Atypical Chest Pain
C K Yeo, Y Khalid

Ectopic Pregnancy: Uncommon Presentations and Difficulty in Diagnosis
C M Wong, R Ganesh, K Y Ng

Disseminated Histoplasmosis in a Mon-Immunocompromised Child
M Hasliza, N A Nur Atiqah, C B Lim, I H M I Hussain

Airway Stenting for Tracheal Stenosis
J B Eng, L N Hooi, S H Ng

Short Communications

Pattern of Occupational Allergic Dermatitis in the Dermatology linic, Hospital Kuala Lumpur
R Rohna, T Ganesapillai, D Salbiah, I Zaiton

Review Articles

New Therapies for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS): A Review
V G Reddy

Understanding the Dental Need and Care During Pregnancy: A Review
W C Ngeow, W L Chai

Letter to Editor

A Survey of Hysterectomy Patterns in Malaysia

Continuing Medical Education

Is Snoring a Health Risk?
C K Liam