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Coronary Risk Factors in Malaysia: Precious Little is Known, .... Still
Y Khalid

Original Articles

Comparison of Fluvoxamine Alone Fluvoxamine and Cognitive Psychotherapy and Psychotherapy Alone in the Treatment of Panic Disorder in Kelantan - Implications for Management by Family Doc
M Z Azhar

Genetic Causes of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia in a Malaysian Population
K L Khoo, P Van Acker, H Tan, J P Oeslypere

Parental Response and Understanding Towards Febrile Convulsion
S G Ling

Patiern Of Congenital Heart Disease And Access To Tertiary Cardiac Care In Malaysia
L C Hung, A J Mohan, T L Soo, H P Ng

The Role of Preoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Internal Derangement of the Knee
Z F Zairul-Nizam, M Y Hyzan, S Gobinder, M A Razak

Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Heart Rate and Levels of Blood Cholesterol and Glucose of Volunteers During National Heart Weeks, 1995-1997
K L Khoo, H Tan, Y M Liew, J S Sambhi, A M Aliafri, A Hatijah

Preferential Utilization of Healthcare Systems by a Malaysian Rural Community for the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Injuries
K M Ariff

Neurological Manifestations Of Children With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
W F Loh, I Hussain, A Soffiah, Y N Lim

The Yield for Colorectal Cancer and Adenoma by Indication at Colonoscopy
K L Cheong, S Roohi, R Jarmin, I Sagap, S H Y Tong, A Qureshi

Transradial Coronary Angioplasty And Stenting - Immediate Results and 3-Month Clinical Follow-Up in the First 50 Patients Performed at the National Heart Institute
O Pillay, K H Lam, M N Muda, Z Hamid

Intrahepatic Stones: The UKM Experience
J Din, A Qureshi, A Oaud, H Ahmad

The Health Care Professional’s Attitudes Towards Brain Death and Cadaveric Organ Transplantation: The Influence of Cadaveric Donor and Transplantation Programs - A Malaysian Survey
S W Rozaidi, J Sukro, A Dan

A Study of Clinical Questions in Primary Care
K Fozi, C L Teng, R Krishnan, Y Shajahan

Combined Oral and Parenteral Iron Chelation in Beta Thalassaemia Major
K Balveer, K Pyar, B Wonke

Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding in a Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Malaysia
M N Lakhwani, A R Ismail, C D J Barras, W J Tan

Short Communication

Blood Pressure Values in Healthy Malaysian Children Aged 6 -12 Years
P W K Chan, B Cheong, K Nadarajan, B H Lai, W T Cham, K K Khoo, Latiffah A L, H P Lin

Case Reports

Successful Pregnancy in a Patient with Familial Sea-Blue Histiocyte Syndrome
S A W Fadilah, N R Mazeni, S K Cheong

Transient Hyperthyroidism Following L-Asparaginase Therapy for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
S A W Fadilah, I Faridah, S K Cheong

Resection of Large Primary Chest Wall Chondrosarcoma with Reconstruction: 2 case Reports
P S Wong, G P Tan

Pneumonia Presenting as Acute Abdomen in Children: A Report of Three Cases
S Vendargon, P S Wong, K K Tan

Neuropsychiatric Profile of Acase of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Following an Electric Shock
R Jr Laforce, B Gibson, R Morehouse, P A B Bailey, VV Maclaren

Letter to Editor

Life Threatening Pancreatitis Following Varicella Vaccination: Cause, Association or Co-Incidence?
P W K Chan, A Y T Goh

Continuing Medical Education

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
A R M Fauzi