Medical Journal of Malaysia



Beta-Thalassemia Major in Malaysia, an On-Going Public Health Problem
E George

Original Articles

A Dental-Anthropological Study of Health and Illness Behaviour Among Orang Asli of the Semai Tribe: The Perspective of Traditional Healers
R Saub, N Jaafar

Inhaled Nedocromil Sodium for Persistent Cough in Children
P W K Chan, J A Debruyne

Helicobocter Pylori: Prevalence, Clinical and Endoscopic Findings in Children who Underwent Upper Endoscopy for Abdominal Ailments
N A Nur Atiqah, C B Lim

A Review on Thromboprophylaxis in Pregnancy
T W P Chow, Y M Wong

Stress Among Parents With Acutely Ill Children
M Nizam, M Z Norzila

Providing a Cure for β Thalassaemia Major
L L Chan, H P Lin, W A Ariffin, H Ariffin

The Surgical Morbidity and Mortality Meeting as an Educational Tool
F M Abu-Zidan, I G Premadasa

Sevoflurane Induction in the Elderly
K F Cheong, T S Teh

Is There a Place for Intra-Umbilical Oxytocin for the Management of Retained Placenta?
N Sivalingam, S Surinder

Vaginal Hysterectomy for the large Uterus
T G K Teoh

A Prospective Evaluation of Foreign Bodies Presenting to the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, Hospital Kuala Lumpur
S K Hon, T M Izam, C B Koay, A Razi

Melioidosis of the Head and Neck
W K Lim, G S Gurdeep, K Norain

Typhoid Fever in Malaysian Children
A S Malik, R H Malik

Comparison of Brugia-Elisa and Thick Blood Smear Examination in a Prevalence Study of Brugian filariasis in Setiu, Terengganu, Malaysia
B H Lim, N Rahmah, S A B Afifi, A Ramli, R Mehdi

Case Reports

Infantile Myofibromatosis
H Ariffin, K H Teh, LM Looi, W A Ariffin, H P Lin

Non-recurrent Laryngeal Nerve in Thyroid Surgery
A N Hishom, A Saroiah, A Alvin

Fatal Haemophagocytic Syndrome
S A W Fadilah, A A Raymond, S K Cheong, M A L Amir

Cholestatic Fibrosing Hepatitis and Hepatitis B after Bone Marrow Transplantation
R L Suresh, I Mericon, K M Chang, S M Yong, V Purusothaman

Book Review

A Guidebook on Histological Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases
M Greeves

Letter to Editor

The Trans-Septal Approach to the Mitral Valve
K G Lim

Continuing Medical Education

Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer
C K Liam, K H Lim, M M Wong