Medical Journal of Malaysia



Taking Stock of Two Decades of the Hiv/Aids Epidemic In Malaysia
A Kamarulzaman

Original Articles

A Review of Day Care Ureteroscopy of a Teaching Hospital in Malaysia
K Y Chan, M Z Zulkifli, M J Nazri, M O Rashid

Awareness Of Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Guidelines Against Occupational Exposure to Hiv in Hospital Sungai Petani
K L Bairy, B Ganaraja, B Indira, N Thiyagar, C M Choo, C K See

Audit on Radiographs in Anterior Shoulder Dislocations
D J K Lee, J S Yeap, M Fazir, T A Muhd Borhan, B A Kareem

Sensitivity And Specificity of Portable Transient Otoacoustic Emission (Teoae) in Newborn Hearing Screening
A Abdullah, C W Long, L Saim, S Z M Mukari

The Feasibility, Reliability and Validity of the Malay Mcgill Quality Of Life Questionnaire – Cardiff Short Form (Mmqol-Csf) in Malaysian Advanced Cancer Population
P L Lua, M S Salek, I G Finlay, A G I Boay, M S Rahimah

Apoptosis in Endometria of Dysfuntional Uterine Bleeding Women
K Rekha, A Malini, R Xavier, K Baba

Attitudes of Medical Students Towards Euthanasia in a Multicultural Setting
K Adchalingam, W H Kong, M A Zakiah, M Zaini, Y L Wong, C C Lang

Clinical Predictors of a Positive Troponin T Test in Patients Presenting with Probable Acute Coronary Syndromes
A R Omar, Chai Ping, H C Tan, Y T Lim

Cystic Fibrosis in Malaysian Children
M Z Norzila, A W Norrashidah, A Rusanida, P W K Chan, B H O Azizi

Pulmonary Disease Empirically Treated as Tuberculosis-A Retrospective Study of 107 Cases
L C Loh, S Z Abdul Samah, A Zainudin, G L S Wong, W H Gan, W S Yusuf, P Vijayasingham

Tarsometatarsal Joint Injuries – Review of Clinical Presentation and Surgical Treatment
S Y Loh, J L Soon, W J Verhoeven

Laser Versus Dissection Technique of Tonsillectomy
L Wan Ishlah, A M Fahmi, N Srinovianti

Adhesive Small Bowel Obstruction (Asbo) in Children – Role of Conservative Management
K Vijay, C Anindya, P Bhanu, M Mohan, P L N G Rao

Cotton Bud and Ear Cleaning - A Loose Tip Cotton Bud?
L M Lee, R Govindaraju, S K Hon

Case Reports

Pitfall in Diagnostic Trauma Laparoscopy
B H Yeap, N Premnath, S Manjit

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Due to Overdose Desferrioxamine: Report of a Child
B Atas, H Caksen, O Tuncer, A F Oner, E Kirimi, S Akbayram

Case Report of a Difficult Venous Access: Retroperitoneal Approach of Inserting an Improved Non-Heparinised Port for Long-Term Use
K Y Chan, C M Teoh, N Sukumar

Metastatic Cervical Carcinoma in the Caecum
O Marjmin, B Badrulhisham, C M Teoh, N Sukumar, K Ahmad Zakuan

Neonatal Meliodosis: Very Rare but be Aware
Y M Ang

Nasal Cylindrical Cell Papilloma
S T Subha, N Prepageran

Glomus Tympanicum: A Report of Two Cases
S T Subha, R Raman, N Prepageran

Extended Pedicle Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous Flap for Thigh Reconstruction
A S Halim, W Zulmi

Automatic Top Loader Washing Machine Related Injury. A Report of Four Cases with Serious Injury
M K Kwan, A Saw, T Sara Ahmad

Letters to Editor

Lingual Thyroid
C S Ng

Easy Lens Cleaning Solution for Laboratory Microscopes
T Pramanik, A Ghosh, P Roychowdhury

Book Review

Causes and Prevention: Allergy and Asthma
Manmohan Yadav, Arvind Yadav

Continuing Medical Education

Farmers and Formulations - Rural Health Perspective
X Rathinam, R Kota, N Thiyagar