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Primary Care - Directions we should be Taking
S C Chan

Original Articles

Primary Care Doctors’ Perceptions Towards Evidence-Based Medicine in Melaka State: A Questionnaire Study
G C Chan, C L Teng

Do Adolescents Attending Bandar Mas Primary Care Clinic Consult Health Professionals for their Common Health Problems?
O Khairani, S Zaiton, M N Faridah

The Safety and Efficacy of Oral Dextrose for Relieving Pain Following Venepuncture In Neonates
J M Ling, B S Quah, H Van Rostenberghe

Proteinuria in Diabetic Patients in a Primary Health Care Setting in Sarawak
J S Wong

The Impact of Luteal Supplement on Pregnancy Outcome Following Stimulated IVF Cycles
P Y S Tay, E A Lenton

A Comparison of Valsartan and Perindopril in the Treatment of Essential Hypertension in the Malaysian Population
S Bavanandan, Z Morad, O Ismail, A Chandran, T Thayaparan, M Singaraveloo

Validity and Reliability of the SF-36: The Malaysian Context
S Sararaks, A B Azman, L L Low, B Rugayah, A M Aziah, L N Hooi, M Abdul Razak, M R Norhaya, K B Lim, A A Azian, S Geeta

An Evaluation of Information Dissemination During the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Outbreak Among Selected Rural Communities in Kuala Kangsar
A M Hazreen, S Myint Myint S, H Farizah, M Abd Rashid, C C Chai, V K Dymna, W Gilbert, S Sri Rahayu, M A Seri Diana, H Noor Huzaimah

The Prevalence of Functional Impairment Among Elderly Aged 60 Years and Above Attending Klinik Kesihatan Batu 9 Ulu Langat, Selangor
K Y Loh, O Khairani, T Norlaili

Skin Prick Test Reactivity to Common Airborne Pollens and Molds in Allergic Rhinitis Patients
L Wan Ishlah, B S Gendeh

Formalin Dab for Radiation Proctitis - An Effective Day Care Procedure
G Ramesh, W Khamizar

Efficacy and Tolerability of Dianex in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Non Randomized, Open Label Non-Comparative Study
V Sudha, K L Bairy, U Shashikiran, A Sachidananda, B Jayaprakash, S Shalini

Diabetes Control and Complications in Private Primary Healthcare in Malaysia
M Mafauzy

Case Reports

Successful Revascularisation of Near Total Amputation of the Upper Limb After Ten Hours of Warm Ischaemia: A Report of Two Cases
A M Merican, M K Kwan, C Y Cheok, E L W Wong, T A Sara

Bronchiolitis Obliterans Organising Pneumonia: A Treatable Condition
L N Hooi

Anorectal Anomalies in Adult Females Corrected by Posterior Sagitial Anorectoplasty
C R Thambidorai, M A Qureshi, J Shukri, A Zulfiqar

An Unusual Presentation of Tropical Pyomyositis
V Sudha, M Abhishek, U Shashikiran, K Annappa, M P Mukhyaprana

A Combined Case of Macroprolactinoma, Growth Hormone Excess and Graves’ Disease
Z Hussein, B Tress, P G Colman

Jejunal Patch Repair of a Duodenal Perforation
A Kalyani, C M Teoh, N Sukumar

Moving Points

Allhat in Perspective: Implications to Clinical Practice and Clinical Trials
K Yusoff

Short Communication

Virucidal Activity of Virkon Son Human Enterovirus 71
Y F Chan, S Abu Bakar

Continuing Medical Education

Community Acquired Pneumonia - A Malaysian Perspective
C K Liam