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Changing Approaches in HIV Testing
Christopher K C Lee

Original Articles

Use of Intramuscular Botulinum Toxin in Malaysian Children with Cerebral Palsy
T B Khoo, M Y Yusniza, P M Chern

Survivin Expression Correlates with Unfavourable Prognoses in Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast
F S Al-Joudi, Z A Iskandar, A K Imran

Needlestick Injury Among Medical Personnel in Accident and Emergency Department of Two Teaching Hospital
Y W Ng, I Noor Hassim

Open Septorhinoplasty: Operative Technique and Grafts
B S Gendeh, Vincent E S Tan

Premarital HIV Screening in Johor - (2002-2004)
B V Khebir, M A Adam, A R Daud, C M D Shahrom

VNTR Markers for Qualitative Evaluation of Engraftment in Unrelated Cord Blood Transplantations
S M Noor, M E Phipps, M Y Fong, L L Chan

Acute Renal Failure in the Same Hospital Ten Years Apart
Y W Chow, B B Lim, L S Hooi

The Assessment of Immediate Post-operative Scoliosis Correction Using Pedicle Screw System by Utilising the Fulcrum Bending Technique
C Y W Chan, M K Kwan, S Saravanan, L B Saw, A S Deepak

p63 as a Complimentary Basal Cell Specific Marker to High Molecular Weight-Cytokeratin in Distinguishing Prostatic Carcinoma from Benign Prostatic Lesions
M S Shiran, G C Tan, A R Sabariah, L Rampal, K S Phang

Risk Factors Associated with Chronic Lung Disease in Malaysian Very Low Birthweight Infants
S A K M Ameenudeen, N Y Boo, L G Chan

Percutaneous Transpedicular Biopsy of the Spine
Y S Chooi, Ozlan I M Kamil, M Fazir, Sidik Che Kob

The Association Between Body Mass Index and Age Related Cataract
N H Noran, S Nooriah, Z Mimiwati

Outcome of Patients Presenting with Preauricular Sinus in a Tertiary Centre – A Five Year Experience
I P Tang, S Shashinder, S Kuljit, K G Gopala

The Electroencephalogram Changes in Migraineurs
H J Tan, C Suganthi, S Dhachayani, A M Rizal, A A Raymond

Prescribing Patterns and Drug Cost Among Cardiovascular Patients in Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
S M Al-Junid, W P Sharifa Ezat, S Surianti

Case Reports

Recurrent Lung Cavities and Endobronchial Nodules in an Adolescent Male
M A Fauzi, S A W Fadilah, K Bahariah

Abdominal Subcutaneous Fat Aspiration – An Alternative Method to Diagnose Amyloidosis
S G Ong, R Rajasingam

Splenic Tuberculosis Presenting as Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
R Hamizah, A G Rohana, S A Anwar, T Z Ong, A H Hamzaini, A N Zulkarnaen

Intermittent Respiratory Obstruction Secondary to an Antro Chonal Polyp: A Rare Late Presentation
S Shashinder, S Kuljit, S T Suhba, U D Arumainathan, K G Gopala

Chromosome 13q Deletion with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Phenotype
C T Ngo, M Alhady, A K Tan, I Siti Norlasiah, G B Ong, C N Chua

Thyrotoxic Neuropathy- An Under Diagnosed Condition
V Sahni, N Gupta, S Anuradha, M Tatke, P Kar

Lactic Acidosis in HIV Patients Receiving Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy
Y W Chow, C L Leong, H L Chow, L S Hooi

Low Dose Unilateral Spinal Anaesthesia for Lower Limb Amputation in Critically Ill Patients
K H Chuah, C L Thong, H Krshnan, L Chan

Obstructed Paraesophageal Hernia in a Nonagenerian Treated by Laparoscopic Anterior Gastropexy
M R Lukman, P Sangar, N Sukumar

Short Communication

A Comparative Study on the Performance of Two Commercial Anti-Dengue IgM Assay Kits
V Kumarasamy, H Zuridah, A W Asmah Hani, M Mariam, K B Chua

Letters to Editor

The Use of Surgicel to Stop Epistaxis in Children Secondary to Coagulopathies
N Prepageran, R Raman

Opportunistic Infection Associated to HIV/AIDS in Nepal
G Arijit, C Shalini, (MBBS Student)

Book Review

As You Grow Older the Essential Guide to Successful Ageing
R Balasundaram

Continuing Medical Education

Emergency Contraception Pill - Controversies and Use
C Kathiravan, N Sivalingam