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Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant – Will it Change the Medical Scenario in Malaysia?
N Ariffin

Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 in Malaysia - The Next Phase
I-C Sam, S Abu Bakar

Original Articles

Daytime Sleepiness and Sleep Quality Among Malaysian Medical Students
A H Zailinawati, C L Teng, Y C Chung, T L Teow, P N Lee, K S Jagmohni

Are Indians and Females Less Tolerant to Pain? An Observational Study Using a Laboratory Pain Model
E Das Gupta, A H Zailinawati, A W Lim, J B Chan, S H Yap, Y Y Hla, M A Kamil (deceased), C L Teng

Comparison Between Preloading with 10 ml/kg and 20 ml/kg of Ringer’s Lactate in Preventing Hypotension During Spinal Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section
K B Muzlifah, Y C Choy

Knowledge, Attitude and Vaccination Status of Varicella Among Students of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
R Hesham, J Y Cheong, J Mohd Hasni

Unrelated Cord Blood Transplantation in Children – A 10-Year Experience from UMMC
L L Chan, H P Lin, L A Chong, A Hany, A Wan Ariffin

Ophthalmology Inpatient Consultation: Does it Make a Difference to Inpatient Management?
I Tajunisah, J Azida, Z A Zurina, S C Reddy

Prevalence of Depression and its Associated Factors Among Elderly Patients in Outpatient Clinic of Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital
A Imran, A K Azidah

Proportion of Dementia and its Associated Factors Among Elderly Patients Attending Outpatient Clinics of Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital
H Norlaily, A K Azidah, A R Asrenee, H Rohayah, S Juwita

The Epidemiology and Burden of Childhood Rotavirus Infection in a Tertiary Hospital in Sabah, Malaysia
C T Goh, P K Cheah, T L Soo, W S Lee

A Multicenter Study in Malaysia to Determine the Efficacy and Safety of a Generic Atorvastatin
N Punithavathi, L M Ong, Y L L Lena, S Leekha on behalf of the Storvas Clinical Trial Study Group

Outcome of Patients Presenting with Idiopathic Facial Nerve Paralysis (Bell’s Palsy) in a Tertiary Centre – A Five Year Experience
I P Tang, S C Lee, S Shashinder, R Raman

Long Term Results of Endoscopic Resection of Nasopharyngeal Tumours
H N Tay, J L Leong, D S Sethi

Treatment Delay in Rectal Cancer
C W Law, A C Roslani, L L C Ng

Case Reports

Vancomycin Treatment Failure in a Vancomycin Susceptible Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Infected Patient
A Norazah, N Salbiah, M Nurizzat, R Santhana

Adult Pyloric Stenosis Masquerading as Acute Renal Failure
S L Siow, C M Wong, M Sohail

Handlebar Herniation: A Case of Near Missed Abdominal Injury
K S Chew, N M N Nik Amin

Parotid Abscess: An Unusual Cause of Facial Nerve Palsy
Y Noorizan, Y K Chew, A Khir, S Brito-Mutunayagam

Leiomyosarcoma of the Maxillary Sinus
Y K Chew, Y Noorizan, A Khir, S Brito-Mutunayagam

Post Viral Acute Multifocal Posterior Placoid Pigment Epithiopathy in a Teenage Child
Angeline D C Nga, N Ramli, Z Mimiwati

A Complete Transection of Larynx
Y Noorizan, Y K Chew, A Khir, S Brito-Mutunayagam

Puffer Fish Poisoning: A Family Affair
H H Chua, L P Chew

Book Review

Clinical Atlas of Nasal Endoscopy
Balwant Singh Gendeh

Letter to Editor

End Stage Renal Failure Mimicking as Acute Renal Failure in Developing Countries
C Lal, A Gupta, A Khaira, S C Tiwari