Medical Journal of Malaysia



Sexuality and Sexual Problems in the Malaysian Context
MP Deva

Original Articles

Sexual Activities of Malaysian Adolescents
SN Zulkifli, WY Low, K Yusof

Psychiatric Symptomatology in a Primary Health Setting in Malaysia
SL Varma, MZ Azhar,

Thiamine Responsive Ankle Oedema in Detention Centre Inmates
D Jeyakumar

Mucosal and Serum Alkaline Phosphatase Activities in Milk Allergy
N Iyngkaran, M Yadav, CG Boey

Late-Onset Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Clinical and Immunological Characteristics
SKJ Shaikh, F Wang

A Review of Dermatomyositis Cases at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur 1989 - 1993
M Tong

Performance of Elderly Primigravidae in Kelantan
Siva Achanna, O Monga

Outcome of Inborn Compared with Outborn Very Low Birth Weight Infants Admitted to Level 3 Malaysian Nurseries
Neonatal Data Collection Group

Cytogenetic Study of Malaysian Neonates with Congenital Abnormalities in Maternity Hospital Kuala Lumpur
IS Norlasiah, MM Clyde, NY Boo

Bacteraemic Infections in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - A Nine-Month Survey
NL Lim, YH Wong, NY Boo, M Sham Kassim, CY Chor

Polymerase Chain Reaction Detection and Restriction Enzyme Typing of Human Papillomavirus in Cervical Carcinoma
M Yadav, ZA Nurhayati, A Padmanathan, Y Abdul Aziz, AW Norhanom

Femoral Shaft Fracture in Children Treated by Early Hip Spica Cast: Early Result of a Prospective Study
M Jamaludin

MRI Findings in Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
YF Fan, VFH Chong

Ultrasound (US) and Computed Tomographic (CT) Appearances of Large (Giant) Hepatic Cavernous Hemangiomas
SA Samad, A Maimunah, A Zulfiqar, M Zaharah

Multimodal Approach in the Management of 1,163 Ureteric Stone Cases
HM Tan, RPC Liew, CCW Ch an, ATN Wong, KW Ngun

Serum and Urinary Divalent Cations and Plasma Renin Activity in Women with Mild Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension
HJ Singh

Case Reports

Penicillium Marneffei Infection in an AIDS Patient. A First Case Report from Malaysia
I Rokiah, KP Ng, TS Soo-Hoo

M3-Variant of Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia. A Case Report in a Malay Boy
W Jazilah, W Ariffin, N Jackson

Gangrene of the Penis
M Lwin, MAH Abdullah

Fatal Intra-Cranial Haemorrhage in 2 Cases of Beta-Thalassaemia Major
KF Lee

Psychomotor Epilepsy with Rare Psychiatric Manifestations
PK Mazumdar

Letter to Editor

Chronic Osteomyelitis Due to Burkholderia Pseudomallei
BA Kareem, S Aiyar, OS Marshal

Protection by Tocotrienols against Hypercholesterolaemia and Atheroma
R Pathmanathan, KT Wong

Biliary Ascariasis
PH Ding

Low Birth Weight Babies
CP Chia