Medical Journal of Malaysia

MJM, Vol 72 Supplement 1 August 2017 - 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Public Health Supplement

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Addressing non-communicable disease targets for SDG

Sharing HIV responses in managing other communicable disease


How can UHC promote the achievement of SDGs?

Prevention of non communicable diseases: a paradigm shift required

SDG and NCD policy – Malaysia experience

SDG and cancer

Validation for elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis

Effect of zoonotic transmission towards global strategy for elimination of malaria

Operationalising of SDG: experience of Malaysia

Artificial intelligence in public health early warning system

Managing risk factor through physical activity

Sharing the Innov8 approach – as a resource for SDG

Breastfeeding a key to food security and sustainable development

The healthy worker effect revisited

The social security health screening program in Malaysia

Taking a holistic view of health and safety of the working population

ASEAN Health Cluster 3 ‘Strengthening health systems and access to care’

Championing the Cause of Orang Asli Children

Climate change: Paris agreement and health

Enhancing Prehospital and Trauma Care for Meeting SDG Targets

Closing the road safety loop: challenges and future directions

Safe Kids: Malaysian experience


A missing link for establishing healthy feeding among infants and young children: a qualitative study on knowledge and attitudes on responsive feeding among caregivers in rural, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Antimicrobial potential of Azardirachta indica (Neem) and Syzygium cumini (Jamun) seeds against microbial pathogens from diabetic foot

Assessment of Human Papillomavirus Genotype distribution among women population in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Association between body adiposity and prevalence of impaired fasting glucose among adolescents in Malaysia: Malaysian Health and Adolescents Longitudinal Research Team (MyHeART) study

Association between Socio-Demography, Onset of Diabetes and Co-Morbidities on Risk for Complication of Diabetes: Result from National Diabetic Registry

Atherogenic Index of Plasma (AIP): understanding its relationship with cardiovascular disease risk factor

Bed-watcher system: does it able to improve hospital bed management?

Birth prevalence of microcephaly in Malaysia

Breastfeeding practices in mothers of infant aged 0-6 months in urban areas of Pakistan

Burden of premature mortality attributable to major risk factors among Malaysian adults 30 years and above: 2008 vs 2013

Characterizing courtesy stigma on family members of PTB diagnosed individuals enrolled in dots in Cebu city, Philippines

Comparing medical records with vital registrations among hospital deaths in Malaysia 2013: can the differences be explained?

Cost-effectiveness analysis of an intervention to enhance women's health prior to pregnancy: a study protocol

Cross cultural translation and adaptation of the Malay version of ACTG baseline psycho-social questionnaire and enacted stigma scale

Determinants of stunting among 0-23 month-old in rural area of Indonesia

Determinations of traffic-light nutrition labelling and healthiness evaluation of pre-packaged foods in promoting healthy food choices: analysis of small to large food retail outlets in Kelantan

Diarrhoea among children in Malaysia: Are we at fault?

Digital photography based food intake prediction using artificial neural network

Does universal health insurance program against burden of catastrophic health expenditure in Indonesia? -Markov modelling with a lifespan perspective using IFLS 2007 and 2014

Dual burden of malnutrition, depression and anxiety: co-morbidities among adolescents studying in public schools of Delhi

E-cigarette use and perception among Malaysian: findings from text-mining analytics

Edge detection of MRI images using artificial neural network

Escalator safety among children

Exploring the prevalence of helmet usage among students arriving to schools by motorcycles in Malaysia

Exploring the risky sexual behaviour and use of condom among homeless women in New Delhi city, India

Factors affecting uptake of cervical cancer screening among immigrant African women attending selected church services in Klang valley, Malaysia

Factors contributing to unmet needs among breast cancer survivors in Kuching, Sarawak: a mixed methods study

Healthy propagation: response based health coaching SAFAAT (Students, First-Aid, Al-Waqayituwata'ziiza) in Tahfidhul Qur'an Islamic Boarding School Foundation (YPPTQ) Sunan Giri, Surabaya

HIV vulnerability of indirect sex worker from garment industry: the study of female garment worker in urban Mumbai, India

Impact of maternal depressive symptoms and infant temperament on early infant growth and motor development: results from a population based study in Bangladesh

Inadequate care of children in Malaysia: Findings from the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2016

Integrated notification for tuberculosis

Investment case for equitable access to maternal neonatal and child health services in Nepal: stakeholders' perspective

Is it all determined at puberty? A study of menarcheal age and cardiovascular risks amongst Malaysian educators

Is there any difference in opinions between urban and rural residents regarding control measures for dengue outbreak?

Managing the human rabies outbreak in Sarawak, 1 July to 8 August 2017

Malaria vaccines: a new weapon?

Mapping distribution of general practitioners for public clinic in Sarawak, Malaysia

Mislabelling of nicotine content in electronic cigarette liquids in Malaysia: implications on public health

MOH Health Research Clusters: what's next?

Non-hospital death in Malaysia: vital registration cause of death versus verbal autopsy (VA)

Outcomes of an agricultural intervention to improve dietary diversity in children up to age 5 years in the Indigenous communities of Thailand

Perception of e-cigarette harm and benefit - a nationwide survey comparing characteristics between electronic cigarette users, conventional cigarette smokers and dual users

Postnatal depression and intimate partner violence: Malaysian scenario

Prediction of electronic cigarette and vape use among Malaysian: decision tree analysis

Premature mortality from non-communicable diseases in Malaysia from 2009 - 2013

Prevalence of diabetes and hypertension among reproductive women in India

Prevalence of elevated blood pressure and its predictors among secondary school students in Sarawak

Public and medical personnel reactions towards radiological events

Quality of life of informal caregivers for patients with dementia in Kuching: a cross-sectional study

Re-emergence of Rabies in Sarawak, Malaysia: Laboratory Perspective

Risk factors of cumulative recurrent of musculoskeletal pain among secondary school teachers in Selangor, Malaysia: A 1-year follow-up study

Risk of acquiring pneumonia among the Malaysian hajj pilgrims vaccinated with 23 valent pneumococcal vaccine

Situational analysis of dengue in Melaka, 2011-2015

Socio-environmental risk factors associated with obesity in the capital, the Solomon Islandsr

Socioeconomic determinants of malnutrition among children under the age of five in eastern Indonesia

Spare the rod, spoil the child? Prevalence of violent and non-violent disciplinary methods among Malaysian parents

Status of drinking water quality in Malaysia: a systematic review

Stigma and discrimination toward people living with HIV/AIDS and factors affecting it in Sarawak, Malaysia: a community based cross sectional study

Survey of Indonesian Public Awareness Index on Drug and Food

The development of a smart food container for balanced diet intake

The reliability and validity of the Malay version of the Perceptions of Stigmatization by Others for Seeking Help (PSOSH-M) among adolescents

Treatment seeking behaviour for malaria outside formal health centres in the Aliero local government area, Kebbi state, Nigeria

Use of e-cigarette among Malaysian male adults: Findings from Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2011 and National E-Cigarette Survey 2016

Validation of the Malay version of the active ageing awareness questionnaire

Variation of social competence scores by gender among adolescents aged 16-18 in Peninsular Malaysia: Malaysian Health and Adolescents Longitudinal Research Team study (MyHeARTs)

Wild mushroom poisoning in Sarawak, 2011-2016

Willingness to Pay (WTP) for National Health Insurance Scheme in state of Sarawak, Malaysia: A Contingent Valuation Study

Workplace bullying and its association with depression and self-esteem amongst health care workers in selected hospitals in Sarawak

Zika virus knowledge and awareness: A community-based survey in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


A comparison of electronic cigarette smokers among urban and rural Malaysia

A Mumps Outbreak in a Private School in Shah Alam, July 2016

An isolated case of Cholera in Klang district - A carrier or a patient?

Anaemia in pregnancy and the associated factors: findings from NHMS 2016

Are our young children cared for safely by caregivers at shopping complexes?

Association between asthma and obesity with relation to physical activity level among children in Klang Valley

Association of food habits consumption (drinking plain water, eating fruits and chewing frequencies) towards obesity status among Malaysian adults: findings from Malaysian Adult Nutrition Survey (MANS 2014)

Association of physical activity with obesity among Malaysian adults: a population-based study 2015

Body composition changes among housewives after weight loss intervention: findings from MyBFF@home (Phase III)

Breastfeeding and SDGs: initiating and sustaining exclusive breastfeeding among postnatal mothers

Can a structured program of patient education and follow up with case managers prevent osteoporotic fractures in post menopausal women?

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk and its distribution by Body Mass Index (BMI) in Malaysia using WHO/ISH risk prediction chart

Characteristics of E-cigarette or vape (ECV) users and patterns of use: Malaysia Chapter

Community empowerment: Low Budget, High Impact!

Comparison of adverse pregnancy outcomes by type of healthcare facilities in Malaysia

Complex lifestyle intervention to reduce the risk of diabetes in the pre-conception period; a community trial, challenges and key-learning

Concurrent Measles Outbreaks among non-immunised indigenous community in Kg Kalong and Kg Tanjung, Pekan 2017: A challenge to strengthen Herd Immunity

Diabetic out-patient hospital resource utilisation pattern in Putrajaya - data from HIS

Disclosure of traditional and complementary medicine use and its associated factors to medical doctor in primary care clinics in Kuching division, Sarawak, Malaysia: a cross-sectional study

Effectiveness of public health education by lecture on improving the knowledge, attitude and practices on leptospirosis and its management among adolescents in a public school in Manila

Efficacy of 3-month weight loss intervention program using 10 kg in 10 weeks module adapted from Malaysia Ministry of Health (MOH)

Elimination of measles in Malaysia by 2018: how close are we?

Emergency department (ED) overload: are we waiting for it to explode?

Estimation of 24-hour sodium and creatinine excretion from spot urine samples

Exploring Malaysian parent's plan on sleeping arrangement with their newborn

Factors affecting health literacy on disordered eating among young adolescents in Kuching division

Factors Associated with Breastfeeding Practices Among Women in Bera District, Pahang

Factors associated with e-cigarette use and the reasons for initiation among Malaysian adolescents: Tobacco and E-cigarette Survey among Malaysian Adolescents (TECMA) 2016

Family planning practice among married Orang Asli women in Sepang district and its associated factors

Finishing housemanship in time: two years or more?

Food poisoning at Sekolah Menengah X in Bera district

Functional properties of cosmos caudatus kunth leaf extract and its application in the production of low fat ice cream

Gender differences for leading causes of crude and premature mortality in Malaysia for 2013

Health literacy, anxiety and depression among diabetes mellitus patients in Klinik Kesihatan Tudan, Miri Sarawak

Healthcare professional and health belief and attitude influenced vaccine hesitancy among parents living in Kuantan, Pahang

Healthcare providers’ perspectives on factors influencing family planning utilisation among diabetes mellitus type 2 women in Gombak district- a qualitative study

Healthcare services for Orang Asli (OA) women in rural Pahang: what they need?

How do the various media types and vape shops impact the perception of e-cigarettes use and harm in Malaysia?

I feel good programme 2016: impact on health status among staffs at Pekan district health office

Iodine content in salt: after 15 years of universal salt iodisation in Sabah

Iodine deficiency disorders among pregnant women in Sarawak

Is mental health deteriorating in Malaysia? Depression, stress, and locus of control in three regions

Kajang vocational college salmonella food poisoning, 5 October 2016

Knowledge among TB contacts in a dental health teaching facility in Gombak

Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding breastfeeding among postnatal mothers in Pontian health clinic

Low nicotine addiction level, older age, and being female are associated with contemplation and preparation stages of smoking cessation among adult current smokers in Malaysia

Malaria in Bintulu division: a 5-year overview

Maternal and child health status among Orang Asli in Pahang

Medical students' perception of their educational environment in a National Defence University of Malaysia

Meliodosis death in elderly: a case report

National E-cigarette Survey (NECS) 2016 in Malaysia - method and population characteristics

Nicotine contents in e-cigarette liquids and aerosols

Oral health knowledge, practice and behaviour of preschool teachers: findings in a national survey

Overall healthcare resources have been distributed equitably among states in peninsular Malaysia in 1997 and 2012

Pattern of antenatal care (ANC) services utilisation and the determinants of choosing government facilities for ANC services in Malaysia

Perception of doctors towards nursing practice skills among newly graduated nurses in MOH Hospitals

Perceptions of Electronic Cigarette between Current and Former Users: Findings from The National Electronic Cigarette Survey Among Malaysian Adults 2016

Evidence synthesis using Cochrane method for effect of palm oil on health

Predictors for repetitive strain injury of upper extremities among office workers in a government agency, Putrajaya

Predictors of health-related quality of life (EQ-5D) among rural Ibans of Sarawak

Premature mortality among elderly in Malaysia: 2009 - 2013

Prematurity and child developmental delay: finding from National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2016

Prevalence and characteristics of e-cigarette users among the current smokers and ex-smokers population in Malaysia

Prevalence and characteristics of persistent smear positive at the end of intensive phase among pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Kelantan, Malaysia from 2012 till 2014

Prevalence of anaemia among elderly and its associated factors; are there any ethnicities differences?

Prevalence of kidney disease stages and its associated risk factors among hypertensive patients in Bandar Jengka health clinic, Pahang

Prevalence, associated factors and quality of life of mental disorders in hypertensive patients attending health clinics in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Psychological determinants of pre-hypertension among students in a pre-university college in Malaysia

Quality of life in patients with androgenic alopecia

Quality of life of female labour migrants in urban Mumbai, India: need for public health action

Relationship between knowledge, attitude, subjective norm and perceived behaviour control with intention to exclusive breastfeeding among women in Serian, Sarawak

Scaling Sukh best practice, resource team and engaging key stakeholders

Sharps and splash injury root cause analysis in Hospital Sungai Buloh

Staphylococcus aureus food poisoning outbreak among primary religious school students in Bangi 2017

Sukh Initiative's strategic choices - Vertical Scale up of best practices

Supply of doctors in Malaysia; projections until 2030

The ability of health care providers to detect and act on malnourished Orang Asli children aged 2 or less: a clinical audit

The assessment of knowledge and attitude on maternal nutrition with dietary pattern among aboriginal pregnant mother in Selangor

The association of food outlets surrounding schools with obesity profiles among Malaysian adolescents

The level of preparedness of nurses in managing diabetes patients in MOH health clinics

The prevalence and associated factors of depression, anxiety and stress among hypertensive patients attending health clinics in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

The role of media and people's perception on electronic cigarette / vape in Malaysia

The spatial clustering of food outlets around schools using a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based analysis approach in Kelantan, Malaysia

Towards elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Malaysia: Retrospective analysis of a laboratory data

Traditional and complementary medicine usage among dengue fever patients admitted in hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kelantan

Trends of ambulance accidents in Malaysia: Implications to public health

Tuberculosis Infection Screening strategies among high risk health care workers in Sarawak

Vaccine-preventable disease trends among Orang Asli (aborigine) community in Pahang in five years

Waterpipe smoking and its association with systemic inflammation

Weather Impact on Number of Dengue Cases in Temerloh